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Livescribe Echo Smartpen is a quick route to taking notes

Now, you can be smart in taking notes and keeping them organized with this new offering from Livescribe. Here is a smart gadget called Livescribe Echo Smartpen, which makes it easier for you to breathe during your lectures and business meetings. Check out the usefulness of this smart pen and its efficiency on several other parameters.


Livescribe Echo Smartpenis a nice gadget to take notes and listen to them later on. You can capture notes on pages or in the audio format. The device has a capacity to accommodate around 800 hours of audio notes. On the other hand, it can handle thousands of pages of written notes.Now, you do not need to be worried when you are in any lecture or meeting, as all your notes can later be transferred to your PC or Mac. You can hear your notes using a 3.5mm audio jack.

If you wish to make your notes interactive, then this smart pen can also help you to link your audio and written notes. In addition, Livescribe Echo Smartpen enables you to draw straight onto your system’s screen.In case you want to transfer your notes to anybody, you can do that through ways like emails, Facebook, and Google Docs.However, the usage of this gadget cannot be called fully reliable as of now.

Value for money

Available at a price of around $320, this device is worth giving a try. While it is not cheap, it actually delivers what it promises. The major thing is that such a gadget practically makes your life much easier.


The smart pen comes with a body that is resistant to rolling. This pen has a small and rubberized grip. However, the slightly bulky design of the pen is not very captivating. It is also simple and has a few flaws like the lack of sharpness. Still, it is comfortable while writing. This gadget additionally includes a camera that can be used to film videos. It further offers a variety of helpful apps to you, including those for language translation, battery or storage check, and doing calculations.


The performance of this 4 GB smart pen is decently accurate. It is actually used with a special paper that has been designed to have some connectible dots. When you make your marks on this paper, this device recreates them on your computer. This is done using image decoding software. This is the reason it is so precise in recreating your markings. While you receive the specially designed paper with the pen, you can also print it on a printer compatible to Adobe PostScript.

The smart pen works nicely when it comes to organizing your notes and recordings or replaying them to you. As regards connectivity, the device is okay to connect to your computer using a USB and online via MyLivescribe Connector and several other options. However, it does not give you Wi-Fi connectivity that is very much required in these times.

Ease of use

Using this smart pen becomes simpler with time. It interprets the way you connect the dots and maps to its app. Based on your item’s coordinates, it automatically creates memories to link with sound recordings. The recording is also instantly picked up by its microphone. You hardly need to work on things. Additionally, it is fairly simple to transfer notes using a microUSB connector or check them on your devices with a simple tap. With time, you can also be quicker in searching through your notes and saving them for easy access.

Livescribe Echo Smartpen lives up to its name when it comes to providing results. However, there are still some design and performance improvement areas that can be worked upon to add more value for the user at this high price.

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