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Jawbone Up24 takes up the fitness regime with gusto

You would have heard of the Up fitness band. Jawbone’s Up24 is the wireless update of the same.While fitness trackers have always survived well in the world of wearables like smartwatches and smart glasses, let us evaluate how Jawbone Up24 stands the test.



This new fitness band from Jawbone is an effective gadget when we talk about its usefulness for activity tracking purposes. It is precise in tracking several parameters, including steps taken, calories burnt, exercise, and sleep quality and duration. You can also use it for tracking your nutrient amount, as well as foods and drinks. This gadget provides you the UP App Food Score, which helps you in judging your healthy or unhealthy eating habits. Thus, the band supports you in staying conscious about your health and fitness maintenance.

By tracking your wrist’s vibrations, Up24 can also give you an alarm or idle alert to indicate that it is time for you to get moving or sleep better. Therefore, the gadget acts as a motivator toward fitness improvement while measuring your daily progress against set goals. If you want to gain more motivation from your friends or family members, then you may use this band to connect with them so you all may compete together to reach fitness goals.

Value for money

While you will not regret paying around $150 for a fitness tracking wearable like Jawbone Up24, you may actually find yourself comparing it with some more advanced smartwatches. In that case, you may not like the value it offers against your money. However, among the range of available fitness bands, you may find it having an edge.


This thin rubbery band has a nice curved design. There are two LED indicators for day and night modes that can be changed using a physical button. The device has a vibrating motor and comes without a clasp. You can simply twist it to wrap around your wrist. However, you should be careful about choosing the right size of band for a proper fit.

The band is available in three different sizes and four colors. While it is lightweight while wearing, you may feel annoyed if it clangs against your laptop while working. Apart from its simple appearance, Jawbone Up24 makes use of a classic pairing app that displays your data and progress in an attractive and colorful manner.



Jawbone Up24 can be called an attentive fitness tracker that helps you make smarter choices in terms of eating, moving, and sleeping.The gadget allows smooth Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone. You also do not need to worry about the band’s synchronization with your phone, as it is automatically done by Up24. It is powered by a lithium ion battery that can last about a week.

You may charge it fast by plugging into an adapter or USB slot.Apart from this, the fitness band is fairly precise when it comes to tracking several parameters. Its software is quite intuitive and insightful in terms of making predictions and giving you the right feedback. The band works decently on iOS, as well as Android platforms.

Ease of use

This 0.8-ounce band fits your wrist nicely and comfortably. However, its twisted design can be problematic if the band is pulled away from your arm by any strap like that of your backpack. Thus, you will need to take care as it may be entangled. Logging the data into the device or making it log automatically is pretty easy. You can simply double tap while holding a button and the band will start logging in your activity. Due to being water-resistant, you can even wear it while swimming.

Jawbone Up24 is a simple and no-fuss fitness tracking wearable that offers good performance and benefits to its user. It is a nice way to track your food, exercise and sleeping routines and to bringa positive change in these.


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