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E-commerce businesses waiting for delivery via drone

There are no two ways about it; e-commerce is one of the tightest businesses that are being run at the moment. It is surrounded with thin-layered profit factors and keeping a close check on every minute detail for boosts in profits is the biggest challenge faced. Mapping out cheaper methods for deliveries of all orders could be a great way to keep things in check. Amazon came up with the idea of drones completing deliveries in our little world earlier this year and since then has been seen as the future of the delivery business. The idea named as Amazon Prime Air is bound to be an enticing idea, so just how would it work?

Drones for delivery – how would it work?

E-commerce businesses waiting for delivery via drone 2

The technology is already being used for a host of other purposes. Drones are used to survey farmer lands, see crops, get an aerial view of properties, and serve many surveillance based requirements too. The key would be using this technology in areas that do not have a clear cut designated house number assigned. Having the drone to deliver goods would be a great idea provided we are able to guide it through the different hurdles and figure out the exact delivery point. This seems highly unlikely though if there isn’t a formatted map in place.

Where are the benefits?

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There are simple advantages that make it a brilliant method to be honest. The first and the obvious advantage is that your deliveries would be a lot quicker than the present system. You would be able to guide deliveries better and figure out a longer delivery process since you would be able to make deliveries fairly quickly from one point to another point.

Having said that, you would have more happy customers as you would be able to deliver more products in a single day and hence be able to commit to faster order cycles – one of the most important factors in e-commerce. Also, let’s not forget that this method is bound to be a lot cheaper than the conventional method that is adopted now. You would be able to make higher profits as your costs are limited.

What’s stopping us?

E-commerce businesses waiting for delivery via drone 1

There are quite a few hurdles to get drones up and running… flying rather. There are government clearances that have to be taken before you can get a drone flying in the air. This is posed to be one of the roadblocks that might be in place.

Technology needs to be on this list as there are lots of navigational and reliability issues that would crop up in such a delivery system. Having to use the system in tough weather conditions and being able to drop in rain or stormy weather would be a challenge. This is considering a well-planned city with designated door numbers. The navigation to the exact address can be automated too so that there is no controller.

Where’s the catch?

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There would obviously have to be a premium cost to such services. Especially since the drone would cost a lot of money and there would be a premium fare allotted since the order is processed in an absolute instant. This idea would also have to carry limitations in weight since the drone would not be able to carry large weights.


The idea is being tested out in Australia and China and while it is not in full use yet, it is gradually picking pace. You would be able to reach deliveries quicker and thus be able to take your e-commerce business to a greater level.

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