Life Before Us LLC has introduced a social app called Yo. This app is a simple way to communicate or stay in touch with your contacts. Check out what this app is all about.

Appearance –

Yo is an app designed with a bright and colorful user interface. While some users may definitely find it appealing, some others may also find it childish. Otherwise, the overall design is simple in appearance. There are no complex features in this app. Thus, it does not give a messy look. Basically, Yo is an organized app that lets you communicate quickly with your friends by only sending them the word “yo,” which may have an entirely personalized meaning for every user.

Performance —

The Yo app is compatible with all your mobile devices based on iOS, Android and Windows. Even though the app has low functionality, it does not display high performance. Some users may also face technical issues while running this app. This actually defeats the very purpose of this app, which is effective social communication.

Ease of use —

You may easily maintain communication with your contacts using this app. However, it only sends a single type of message and that may disturb the desired meaning of your message if the recipient is very unaware of it. Sending and receiving a “yo” is quite simple. You only need to tap on a contact to send them a “yo.” It is also easy to subscribe to certain types of notifications this app supports.

Usefulness —

For those people who are okay doing a zero-character communication with their contacts, Yo is a useful app. It is also helpful in performing efficient communication when there is hardly anything to write about and the meaning of your message is clear to the recipient. For example, if you just want to check whether a contact is up, then you may send them and receive a “yo.”

The app brings simplicity to your communication. On the other hand, it may not work for you under certain situations. While it allows you to send text and picture links, you may not message the desired words to your friends. Thus, this app may receive mixed reactions from different types of users according to their communication preferences and needs.

Value for money –

If you want to try a simple and fun app for easy communication with your contacts, then you may definitely give a try to this free app.

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