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Carry your currency smart with Wocket Smart Wallet

Do you find it hard to carry your physical wallet all around, and that too, loaded with currency and plastic cards? Now, you can actually replace your wallet with a digital smart wallet that has been launched by NXT-ID. Check out what this smart wallet brings forth to you.


The Wocket smart wallet is a wonderful gadget that can be used in place of your heavy physical wallet without any security issues. You might have heard of several security kinds of security breaches in recent times. Thus, it is a critical requirement to protect your wallet that carries multiple important items and especially your credit and debit cards. With the Wocket smart wallet, you can be stress-free when it comes to the protection of your cards and currency from falling in wrong hands. It is a single place to store all your cards in a digital manner. This gadget is really cool when you want to go out shopping without carrying anything else in your hands.

Value for money

The gadget is available at a price of $150.While this smart wallet works securely and beautifully, it is still not worth its current value. There would be many merchants who may not allow you to pay by cards in electronic formats. Once it comes in widespread use, it would be worthy to go for it.


This smart wallet really looks sleek, stylish, and modern. It is a fairly comfortable gadget that is also secure to use. The access interface is absolutely simple, smooth, and user-friendly. Unlike a physical wallet, it is not bulky and protruding. In a black, gray and silvery body, this wallet appears to be decent and elegant. You can carry it with you to just any place. It will give you the feel of a real wallet. The Wocket smart wallet gives you a Home button on the top and then you can play with its touch screen to choose the required option. As this wallet is small in size, a few users may not find it good to grip nicely.


The technique to access your digitally stored cards is highly effective and safe with the use of security PINs and voice recognition technology. This smart wallet is designed to store all your cards in their electronic versions. There is also a swipe-able, programmed physical card. This card is designed for single uses. While your stripe cards can be swiped through this wallet, you will need to scan in the cards that use barcodes. When you swipe your cards, the onboard memory of this device stores the recorded data from these cards. You will not have memory issues with this smart wallet, as it can store up to 10,000 cards.

Further, you can also carry some cash effectively if you add an accessory to this wallet.As concerns the pairing of the smart wallet with the payment system of a merchant, it all takes place wirelessly, without even requiring a smartphone or Internet. Thus, it is a great advantage while making use of the Wocket smart wallet. This gadget is powered by a coin cell battery, and itdoes not usually give you any major performance issue.

Ease of use

It is super easy to use this smart wallet.All your digitally stored cards are organized and displayed in different categories, such as credit, debit, loyalty, and coupons. When you wish to make some payments, you can simply tap on the relevant category or card option and put your PIN and biometrics to see your specific electronic card. This needs to be done, because security has to be ensured. Your loyalty cards that use barcodes simply need a passcode for quick access.

The Wocket smart wallet is an efficient and secure system to keep your credit, debit or loyalty cards at a single place. While keeping your plastic money in an electronic form is quite useful, it is best to replace your physical wallet when it comes in wider use.

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