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Basis Carbon Steel is a cool and multifunctional fitness tracker

If you are looking for a multifunctional health and fitness tracker in the form of a tech gadget, then consider checking out Basis Carbon Steel. Basis has come out with this smart wearable to complement your heart rate monitoring equipment, but it does much more than that.Let us find out its pros and cons, along with its value for an average user.



Basis Carbon Steel seems quite useful when we look at its range of functionality. While this device can track your health on varied factors, it can also keep a check on your sleep patterns and stress intensity. You do not even need to press a button for this gadget to track your walking, running, sleeping and biking activities. There is an automatic tracking of factors like skin temperature, heart rate, steps takes, calories burnt, and perspiration.

While you can be inspired to maintain your health through such tracking, you can also develop healthy habits when this device lets you know about your light, deep and REM sleep patterns. It informs you about the time when you should sleep and wakeup for a healthier routine, as well as the time when you should avoid taking extra stress. Thus, it may be termed as a complete health and fitness wearable to serve all your basic needs in a smart way.

Value for money

At $365, this smart fitness tracker does not give a smart value for money.Although it is useful, we can term it expensive, considering its uncomfortable and unappealing design.


While Basis Carbon Steel comes equipped with intelligent features, some users may find it low on the design front. The device has an old-fashioned, rectangular-style display that seems misfit with its attractive and replaceable straps. Its size also looks slightly larger for women who prefer sleek gadgets for their wrists. You may find the design wide and clunky with a bulky face.


Basis Carbon Steel gives a decent performance when it is paired up with an iOS or Android device via Bluetooth. Additionally, it synchronizes well with compatible devices.You may also synchronize your devices wirelessly. While it uses its multiple sensors to track your fitness effectively and gives fairly accurate results, you should not treat this device as a replacement for other heart rate monitoring equipment that you have been strapping to your chest. It is not designed to offer ultimate reliability.

Working on the company’s proprietary technology called Body IQ, this tracker is quiteefficient to recognize your preferred activities and credit you for them in real time. You do not need to be bothered about the upgrades on this technology, as you will receive them regularly. Apart from that, Basis Carbon Steel has a nice battery life that can keep you going for up to four days on a single charge. Thus, you may not face any major performance issue with this device.

Ease of use

It feels easy while wearing this gadget on your wrist, as it comes with a stylish yet comfortable strap. There is also no need to worry while washing your hands or splashing some water on it. This is because the smart tracker is water resistant. On the other hand, you may not want to wear this heavy gadget for longer time periods due to itsweight of 44 grams. Additionally, the device is fast to gather personalized health data.

However, you may not be able to track heart rate while walking. You can also check your fitness details clearly on the 1-inch screen of this gadget, but may find it hard to read under sunlight.

Basis Carbon Steel is an intelligent way to track your stress, sleep, cardio health, and other fitness factors. However, it may not be very appealing at its current price due to its regular performance, traditional appearance, and uneasy fit.


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