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Action cameras are your cup of tea with the GoPro Hero 4

GoPro Hero 4
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You want the best of cameras when you wish to shoot those crazy or adventurous moments while doing activities like skydiving, go karting or rafting. For all such intense moments, GoPro has now come up with its fresh offerings in terms of a range of action cameras called Hero4. Let us see what these cameras offer.


GoPro Hero4 is a highly useful action camera that lets you capture beautiful images and videos during your activities. The camera gives you nice controls and a cool range of accessories and mounts that make it super-easy for you to shoot your action anytime, anywhere. There is just one app that you may use to control all the accessories and mounts. It also offers great sound and video quality.

Value for money

You can grab Hero4 models, including Black, Silver and Session, at decent prices. While it may cost you around $400 for a Hero4, it would be worth every penny you spend if you consider its simplicity of usage and performance.


It is a tiny and sleek device. The camera comes with a nice user interface where navigation is easy. You can even read small words mentioned in its menu on a cool LCD screen and comprehend it well. While there are on-cam buttons for varied operations, you can actually control it using an app if you set it up at some distance.

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The app is also awesome to use, as it gives you a smooth live view. It can be used to start or stop your recordings, as well as to make custom settings. Further, it gives you options to save, crop and share your images.


GoPro Hero4 gives you high-quality pictures and videos you demand during an action sequence. It captures beautiful footage during the day, as well as nighttime. You can take amazing shots even if the weather is cloudy or the atmosphere has low light. With a wonderful wide field view, this camera offers an extraordinary performance. You can even have 4K footage using this device.

While it takes great 12MP shots, you also receive several slow motion modes with it. The maximum recording resolution you can get with GoPro Hero4 is 1440pixels. Video editing with this camera is quite easy if you install the software. Additionally, connectivity with any of your iOS or Android smartphones is no issue while using this camera. The only negative you may face is its short battery life of 1.5 hrs.

Ease of use

GoPro Hero4 is a lightweight and small-sized action cam that can be easily carried along with you wherever you go. Its setup and usage is also smooth and simple. The camera controls are easy to operate.Being waterproof, it provides much easier handling. You can comfortably stick it to a helmet or strap on your hand. GoPro Hero4 is also quite durable and can handlea few light drops or slips. However, it is always better to have a case.

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