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Our take on the Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay
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While it is better not to play with your phone while driving your car, it can sometimes become a necessity to use certain important features it. For handling such situations in a better manner, Apple has come up with its in-dash system for the iPhone. Let us have a detailed look at varied aspects of this system called Apple CarPlay.


Apple CarPlay is quite a useful system that lets you use priority navigation, communication and entertainment features of your iPhone while driving. Such a system is helpful in avoiding any mishaps and ensuring your safety as a driver. Still, you do not receive access to all your phone apps on this system and it also does not support third-party messaging apps. Thus, it is focused in a way so you only check priority stuff during a drive. Apple CarPlay is also beneficial when you can only use your voice to give messaging or action commands to Siri.

Value for money

If you want to use Apple CarPlay in your vehicle, then the supportive Pioneer multimedia systems may cost you between the range of $700 and $1,400. It may seem expensive to some users until some other brands come up with the support options.


The system works like an app on your existing infotainment system’s screen.There is a user-friendly interface that can be accessed simply by plugging in your iPhone. An icon for Apple CarPlay will appear on your dashboard after you do that. You just have to tap on it to access the iOS-style grid of apps.

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However, the system is not wireless as of now. You will need to use a lightning cable for connection. You can additionallysee a home key at the bottom that takes you back to the grid after you have opened a specific app. Siri can also be accessed on a long press of this button. Overall, the system design looks neat and confined.


Apple CarPlay integrates very well with the infotainment system of a car.Itsnavigation is very smooth and easy whether you go on accessing music or calls and messages on your iPhone or look at a route map on Apple Maps.

Giving voice commands or dictation to Siri is also effective and accurate. On the other hand, you cannot read your dictated message while driving. Still, it is an effective feature from the safety point of view. Further, using Apple Maps can be slightly inaccurate at times, if we compare it to Google Maps.

Ease of use

It is an easy-to-use system that simply requires you to tap on various apps available on the apps grid. All this is simply displayed on the dashboard of your car’s infotainment system. It is also pretty convenient to charge your iPhone while using Apple CarPlay. Your phone remains fully functional for usage. When you do not use your phone, Apple CarPlay lies in the background conveniently.

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