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IObit AMC Security adds performance with protection for your Android device

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There are various types of financial transactions and payments that you usually do on your mobiles. Thus, it has become a priority to keep your mobile data safe and secure. For this purpose, IObit has introduced a new all-in-one security app called AMC Security. This privacy protection app has been developed for Android devices. Check out what all it offers to keep your smartphone data secure.


AMC Security is a nice option if you are looking for a security app that can keep your Android phone data safe from hacking minds. The app is beneficial when you browse on wireless networks that you cannot fully trust. It guards you against malicious sites and phishing.

AMC Security not only offers protection to your device data from malware or spyware, but also lets you receive high performancefrom your phone. It is a good game and phone performance booster. Thus, you can actually increase the speed of your Android phone by up to 200%. Your phone will be frozen less frequently if it does so. It can be very useful while you play a heavy game on your phone or multitask.

Value for money

While you get a free trial of AMC Security for seven days, you can later buy it for $10. However, we cannot recommend this app when you require tight security against phishing, as it is not yet tested by independent labs.

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It is a sleek app, but does not offer an appealing design. While it has a phone and game booster, it also offers an anti-theft feature. However, there are limited options in this feature. AMC Security has an alarm that can be activated in theft cases. By doing this, you can track the location of your phone and erase all the data stored on it remotely.

The app offers a cloud backup that can be used to restore data that was stored on your lost phone. You further have the option to purchase its Pro version that offers other useful features. The overall interface of the app is just okay for users.


AMC Security performs an all-round safety check on your mobile device and lets you know even about the most threatening viruses. It performs nicely while terminating these viruses on an immediate basis. It can work great if you have an antivirus engine scanning your device daily. The app is also effective in clearing your phone off those junk files that eat up the storage space and slow down your gadget. Still, some of its security features require functionality improvement.

Ease of use

The app is easy to use, as you can do a smart scan of your device on a single tap. However, some complex anti-phishing, payment guard, and SMS or contact locker features are not available in the basic version of this app.

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