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Guide to Medical Tourism Conference – Importance, Benefits, Planning and Tips To Get You Started

Medical Tourism Conference - Importance

Medical tourism conferences are held through the world at regular intervals to promote high-quality health care as well as attract potential tourists to the various destinations. These conferences are typically attended by medical tourism peers from around the world.

As new destinations join the medical tourism bandwagon, such global conferences are of immense importance for collaborative efforts to boost industry growth. When great brains meet, ideas and innovations are bound to flow opening newer avenues.

So how exactly does one organize a successful medical tourism conference that would result in an effective networking event?

In this medical tourism guide you will read about:

Guide to Medical Tourism Conference – Importance, Benefits, Planning and Tips To Get You Started

Figuring out the conference model

Two intercultural delegates

A major consideration when planning a medical tourism conference is to determine the aim of the event. Some conferences are centered on exhibition booths with attendees promoting their products and services at their respective stands. Or, would you like to create a networking event where participants get a chance to intermingle and exchange contacts. Conferences boost medical tourism business, as various providers get together for learning and sharing.

Some conferences can be for educational purposes so as to share new insights into the field of medical tourism. Whatever be the nature of the conference, it is vital to remember that if there are going to be speakers and presentations, sufficient time has to be allocated to them for this purpose. Do not expect international speakers to spend a day or two traveling to these conferences only to be able to speak for 10 to 15 minutes. Make sure they can participate in other business development activities to make the best use of time.

Get the timing right

 Caucasian mature middle-aged businessman boss ceo employee freelancer holding watch clock showing time

Timing is everything when planning a medical tourism conference. This is because you would need to know if potential participants or key participants would be able to take time off their client priorities to attend the conference. In order to do so, it may be worthwhile to check if past participants would be able to attend again or be willing to take up stands at the conference you are planning.

You may also want to find out if they found the previous conferences worthwhile for their medical tourism business. If their investment seemed to have reaped great results, then you could begin to work on calculating your expenses for the next one and evaluate if there is a good reason enough to organize another event.

Throw in a fun element

people on city tour

After all the crucial planning regarding mission of event, cost for event and so on are worked out, you could also consider what special element you could add for the attendees. One suggestion would be to arrange for a day of the tour. This means taking the attendees out of their busy schedules for a day and give them a tour of the city the conference is to be held at.

One who fails to prepare should prepare to fail. As such, these considerations should be borne in mind before organizing a conference for medical tourism, inviting different stakeholders such as medical tourism facilitator companies.

Benefits of medical conferences and trade shows

excellent return on investment

The relevance of medical tourism conferences, exhibitions and trade shows has tremendously increased for the medical tourism facilitator companies and service providers with the advancements made in the medical tourism industry in general. Successful medical conferences yield an excellent return on investment for the participants, sponsors, and for professional conference organizers.

The aim of these conferences is to enhance a destination’s pursuit as a medical tourism destination. Understanding and planning of the conference have to be proper to earn the most appropriate results and make the best use of resources so invested in these conferences and trade shows.

Understanding of the goals of the conferences

right kind of strategy

Participate only in the conferences that are in coherence with your goals and objectives. Only a few conferences are known to be beneficial for the service providers. It is important that you first analyze the objectivity of the conferences and the expected benefits.

The general goal of these conferences and trade shows is to increase the preference of your destination over others. You have to understand to the best of your ability what profitable gains you will have by attending a particular conference. The conference organizers might as well influence you to be a part of the program that does not benefit you at all, just for the sake of earning profits by increasing the number of attendees and participants.

Before you register for attending the conference, make sure you have the knowledge of customers and buyers expected to be a part of the same. You have to measure the profitability that you will have by converting prospective customers into clients. Get all the necessary information from the professional conference organizers, so that you prepare the right kind of strategy to attract the audience with the help of your marketing message.

Benefits of attending medical trade shows and conferences

 young woman presenting her business plan to the audience at seminar.

Attending conferences and medical trade shows can be highly beneficial provided the goals and objectives of both the parties are in synchronization. Following are the general benefits of attending these conferences.

  • Helps you learn from others
  • Enhances your knowledge about the industry
  • Identifying market opportunities
  • Learning from those who faced similar challenges
  • Increase in networking and finding newer business partners
  • Establishing the ability to influence the direction of the sector
  • Meeting and identifying your competition
  • Satisfaction of political and governmental objectives

Networking base

conferences provide great opportunities to make new friends

One of the major benefits of being a part of these professional medical conferences is the possibility to increase and enhance your networking base as a medical tourism facilitator. These conferences provide great opportunities to make new friends, meeting colleagues and networking.

Innovation and knowledge

pretty woman sharing newer ideas at a conference

The prime purpose of these medical trade shows and conferences is to transfer knowledge about the medical tourism industry that should be known by all those who are associated with it. These conferences bring along with itself, newer ideas to innovate the working process of medical tourism industry. These conferences help in improving the working of the industry by adding innovative measures to the industry realms.

Make the most out of it

Rear view of man gesturing with hand while standing against defocused group of people sitting at the chairs in front of him

Pick and choose the conference that will help you the most as a service provider. Being a part of all the conferences and shows is not of any help. Keep in mind that participation means investing your valuable resources such as time, money, energy, and effort. Therefore, you should be gaining the most out of attending them. Analyze and measure the benefits in regards to your needs and wants.

Medical tourism facilitators and service providers can thus make the most out being a part of these conferences.

Medical conferences and trade shows can be of great help to the medical tourism facilitators as being a part of them helps them strengthen their networking base, also adding innovative measures in the working protocols.

Tips to help you plan a solid medical tourism presentation


Making presentations is a crucial and daunting task. The presenter has to impress and convince a huge crowd, or may be get approval from his superiors about a specific idea. Presentations have to be to the point, precise and attention grabbing.

If you are someone who has to make medical tourism presentation regularly, you should first study the current trends of this industry. For making a successful presentation you have to be well informed and knowledgeable. But, there are several other factors that can enrich and improvise your presentation. Some essential tips mentioned in the following will help you in making irresistible and informative medical tourism presentation and transform you into a medical tourism expert!

Train yourself

Public speaking abilities

Public speaking abilities should be developed in every individual from an early age. However, all of us are not equally fortunate to get proper exposure and address a crowd from childhood. So, if you have not done it before, consider taking part in debates, public speaking competitions that are not related to work. Or, get your friends and family as your audience while you give a small speech on a favorite topic. It will help you find out your strengths and also highlight the flaws. Once you recognize the shortcomings it will become easier for you to correct yourself. Do not lose hope, or faith. Practice speaking in front of the mirror, perfecting the tone and body language.

Plan and research

Speaker giving a talk on corporate Business Conference

The importance of being thorough with research and planning for making your presentation stand out cannot be emphasized enough. Begin by researching the topic. Medical tourism is a very vast subject. Consider what your particular topic is. Assemble all the data that you already have and make a list of things that you need to find out and data that needs to be verified. As medical tourism is still a fairly new industry, your presentation has to be credible. Add names of globally recognized organizations from which you have collected your data. After listing things that you want to include in your project and finding necessary information, you should arrange the data methodically.

Try the 5-5-5 rule

handsome man making a power point presentation

While making a power point presentation on medical tourism you can try the 5-5-5 rule. This rule makes it mandatory that you use only 5 words in the header of each slide, 5 bullet points under each section and only 5 words per line. This rule is effective as people like to get the gist of a matter while looking at a presentation. By using minimum number of words and bullet points, you will be able to grab and hold the attention of your audience.

Consistency is crucial

mind is really good at pointing out disharmony and inconsistency

Our mind is really good at pointing out disharmony and inconsistency to us. You should use a particular color scheme, font size and language for making your presentation consistent. To stand out in a big group of presenters, you will have to use your innovative thoughts and ideas. Consistency of thoughts and purpose are also important while making a presentation on a serious topic like medical tourism. The content and delivery will make you stand out as a medical tourism expert.

Point out problems and offer solutions

Listeners to ask questions

Presenting the problems will make your presentation more credible. Make a list of problems but at the same time find out the solutions for those problems. Your audience knows that there must be problems or issues so avoiding them will not be a smart move. You should clear their doubts and show them why medical tourism can work out really well for all parties involved.

For making an unforgettable presentation on medical tourism, you will have to do proper research and planning. Make every slide stand out by being to the point and precise.

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