Yogurt diet

Yogurt Diet has proven beneficial for many people around the world. Dieters are able to lose 10 – 12lbs from their body within 10days only. All you need to do is to make sure that you consume 500g natural yogurt daily. The diet has some other rules to follow as well.

Consuming 125g yogurt packing each in breakfast, lunch, and dinner can prove extremely beneficial. Have the same amount of yogurt just before going to sleep to make the day end on a healthy note. Before each meal, you are recommended to drink warm tea half cup. Eat yogurt just after you drink the tea. It is necessary to have a dinner meal at least 4 hours before going to sleep.

Dieters are recommended to eat 300g fresh fruit daily. Watermelon, pear, grapes, and pear are not allowed to eat in this diet because they are rich in sugar content. It is preferred to eat citrus and apples when you are looking to reduce weight.

Drinking green and black tea without sweetener or sugar is a compulsion for the dieters. You may consume plenty of mineral water. Fresh juice extracted from orange, cherry, apple, pomegranate and grapefruit is good to include. The juice is recommended to drink between main meals as snack.

Yogurt being the main food item in this diet makes weight loss process effective while you consume other healthy foods in a balanced manner. Vegetables, boiled meat, berries, and dried fruit are excellent to consume in this diet.

Here is a sample Yogurt Diet Plan:

Breakfast Half cup warm tea (unsweetened), yogurt jelly along raspberry and half glass diluted pomegranate juice

Lunch Soup from yogurt, warm tea, wine, cucumbers, finely cut greens, boiled meat (100g) and olive oil along a salad and half glass diluted pomegranate juice

Snack Mineral water and yogurt with tomatoes

Dinner String beans along with yogurt, pomegranate juice and warm tea

Consume vegetable and fruit juice in between the main meals.

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