Yawning keeps brain temperature low

bush yawning 5106Do you know why we yawn? Not when we feel sleepy, not when we are getting bored, not because we are sitting idle, not for low oxygen level in the blood, but for a reason, which might surprise all. Researchers have found that we yawn because it is a way the body keeps the brain cool. Quite astonishing, isn’t it?

Researchers say that those, whose brain keeps warmer, yawn more often than others, for yawning regulates brain temperature.

For a long time, it was thought that we yawn when we get tired and feel sleepy. Others opined that yawning relates to low oxygen level in the blood, which is a dangerous signal. But, the current study has put aside all these notions and predicted yawning to be a good signal.

If you don’t want to yawn, take deep breaths and keep your forehead cool through artificial means such as ice massage. Cooling is essential for the brain because a cool brain is a more alert brain.

There have been quite a few researches these days that have dismantled the earlier faiths and notions relating to health. This new study searching for the causes behind yawning would certainly be a harbinger for finding why people tend to yawn if they come across some one yawning.

Lets not hesitate to yawn. It is good for health.


Via: Iht

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