Why Do We Have A Severe Headache When Reaching Climax?

Were you on cloud nine while having orgasms? Suddenly, the magical moment engulfs you. Right after that, you noticed having a severe headache when reaching climax. Instead of enjoying the moment, you started searching for some painkillers and a glass of water. Severe headache when reaching climax can be the worst experience ever.

The worst news is that the medical researchers are still not clear why it actually takes place. While some are of the view that severe headache when reaching climax takes place due to hormones, others are of the view that it is a type of a stress headache.

Symptoms of severe headache when reaching climax


  • Snoring while sleeping
  • Swollen, reddish, and round rashes all over the body
  • Feeling of itchiness
  • Burning sensation in the vaginal area
  • Throwing up of food
  • Fainting

What are the signs of headaches caused by orgasms?

Feeling of discomfort right after using a new condom


The condoms that you generally avail from a medical store do not always indicate the ingredients. Lubes are available in different kinds of flavors and sensations. This is usually done by adding various enhancers. If glycerine is added to the condoms, then it might lead to allergies. Because of this, you can suffer from such headaches caused by orgasms.

Using different birth control methods at different points in time

birth control methods

Reactions on switching different birth control methods are not new to many women. This mainly occurs with the usage of adhesive, ethylene-vinyl acetate, and barium sulfate in different birth control methods. It is always recommended to purchase various modes of birth control only after reading its ingredients to avoid these headaches caused by orgasms.

Noticing discomfort after sex

Severe Headache When Reaching Climax

It has been suggested by many medical professionals that the irritations caused right after you are done with sex has nothing to do with sex. Instead, it is related to the eating habits of that particular day and to some medicines that may have been taken.

Do you know how to find it out for yourself? After you have had sex on a routine basis, you should pay attention to the kind of allergies that you are affected by. At times, it might differ from one day to another. This will clearly indicate that you might have been affected by your eating habits of the day or some form of medications are the reason for these allergies.

There are couples who are used to enjoy a pre-sex shower just for the sake of being fresh. The soap or the body gel that they have used might have caused such allergies. The lubricant used for massaging so as to get into the right mood might also cause irritations on your skin.

An alarming incident can cause rashes


It is quite likely for you to experience allergies on your body when you have gone through a forceful sexual procedure or it might be so that you don’t have enough faith in your partner and you are afraid right after hearing the term ‘sex’. Your immune system causes such reactions and it is an alarm enough for you to understand that something in your life is not going in the right direction.

An orgasm makes you sick

Postorgasmic illness syndrome

Postorgasmic illness syndrome (POIS) generally occurs among men right after they ejaculate. In such a case, a man is generally affected by his own semen. This condition among men is very rare. The symptoms of POIS are headaches caused by orgasms, aching throat, and muscles, tiredness, problems in speaking, etc. The sad news is that no treatments have been found out by the medical world to date, as the case is very rare.

How to get rid of coital cephalalgia?

intimate couple Do you have any idea about how to get rid of coital cephalalgia? Do you love mingling with your partner when you are in bed? If you are one of those who loves sex and at the same time goes through sex headaches, then you should immediately bring about a modification of your lifestyle and diet. Magnesium-rich diet should be consumed which includes almonds, cashews, veggies, avocado and whole grains. Consuming less alcohol or stopping the intake of alcohol will also help you prevent such situations.

You must always make it a point to see a doctor because there might be reasons behind your post-orgasmic headaches. If it is serious, then you should be treated as soon as possible. Many people are ashamed to seek professional help. I would suggest that such people should not be more hesitant when it comes to health. How to get rid of coital cephalalgia? I hope you found your answer.


We get a thorough idea in this article about the symptoms of sex headaches and at the same time, we also get to know how to get rid of coital cephalalgia.

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