What Does The Nomophobia Study Reveal To Us?

What is nomophobia? It is defined as a condition when one is unable to stay away from his or her phone. A phone serves as the medium of contact and allows people to socialize with one another. Nomophobia study shows that conditions are worsening in the U.S. Nomophobia statistics 2018 reveals that more than sixty percent of the residents of U.S. sleep with their phones lying next to their bedside table. The count of students was found to be higher at the time Nomophobia statistics 2018 was conducted.

What are the steps to be followed according to the nomophobia study by the students in order to maintain a balanced lifestyle?

NomophobiaNomophobia study suggests that the students should carefully handle their cell phones in order to lead a pleasant life.

  • The cell phone should be switched off at a particular time so that one can also spend time with one’s family and friends. The virtual world should be put to an end during such sessions.
  • Try to make it a point to hang out with your friends and family at least once in a week.
  • One should keep away from one’s cell phone once in a month. This will certainly bless you with some peace of mind.
  • Do not keep your phone on your bedside table at the time of sleeping. In this way, you will be kept away from your phone. If it snoozes, you will need to get up and push the snooze button once again which is a good way to shake off the sleep.

Nomophobia statistics 2018 has disclosed that by following these steps, the students in the United States have been able to gain back their mental peace. Nomophobia statistics 2018 has also revealed that students were deprived of nomophobia to a certain extent.

Nomophobia symptoms and causes: A brief guide

depressionThe loss of a cell phone is bound to scare anyone. Let us see what are some Nomophobia symptoms and causes which will make you aware of whether you are suffering from nomophobia or not:

  • Without a cell phone, all of a sudden, one can go through the feeling of depression. He or she can start panicking in all sort of small affairs.
  • At times, one might also feel perplexed and puzzled. One’s brain can stop working during these intervals.
  • One’s heartbeats can actually increase to a great extent.
  • All of a sudden, one might start shaking to the fullest as if he or she has been buried under ice for a longer period of time.
  • Perspiring without any reason is yet another symptom.
  • Gasping for breath can prove to be dangerous for anyone.

The main reason behind its occurrence is the situation in which a person is residing in. Nomophobia study already reveals that 66% of the population residing in many parts of the world is suffering from this awful disease!

People who fail to communicate with both the outside and the inside world generally rely on a virtual world. They tend to stick to their phones all throughout the day. Lack of physical interaction worsens their mental health and this leads them to suffer from anxiety and stress.

Nomophobia is spread widely among the younger generations, which gives rise to anxiety, stress, and even leads a teenager to become an insomniac as they remain awake late at night just to remain connected with the virtual world.

How should an adult resist oneself from using one’s phone all throughout the day?

NomophobiaIf one wants to stay far away from nomophobia symptoms and causes, then one should be capable enough to resist oneself from using the phone at all times.

  • Switch off your phones at certain intervals of the day. Meetings are important when we are in our office. So, during this tenure, the phone can be switched off. Apart from that, while attending family functions and get-togethers or a hangout with friends, turn off your cell phones so that you can feel the bliss of staying outside the virtual world.
  • Various social media platforms should be removed from your smartphones. This will enable you to keep in human contact and in turn, keep you far away from Nomophobia symptoms and causes.
  • Avoid taking phones while you are off to bed. Instead, set a wake-up alarm in your watch.


The usage of cell phones should be minimized in case of both teenagers and adults. Today’s generation should start maintaining a physical contact with people residing by their side. This will save them from the hands of nomophobia. One must be determined enough to take fifteen minutes of interval, which will reduce their addiction to a certain limit. The number of nomophobia afflicted individuals is growing day by day and all possible steps should be taken in order to prevent it from its very roots.

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