What You Need to Know before Getting a Sports Massage

Many therapists describe sports massage as beneficial to athletes’ performance, but what really is sports massage? It can be defined as the application of certain massage methods, hydrotherapy principles, motion, strength training and flexibility styles to attain a particular objective. Thus, you need to know what technique will be given, when it will be given and why. There’s no doubt that sports massage offers many benefits but there are things to consider before getting one.

It has different types

Getting a Sports MassageSports massage comes in different types because it can be a part of therapy as a whole. It can help professionals and beginners and could depend on the athlete’s particular sport. Focus may be on highly stressed areas or those that were injured, such as in injury rehabilitation. Sports massage may also be done before, during or after an event or competition.

It involves manipulation of soft tissues

In sports massage, soft tissue is being manipulated to help someone who is constantly doing strenuous activities. The massage can correct problems and imbalances in the soft tissue and improve performance or help prevent or treat an injury.

Timing is important

Sports massage, as mentioned, may be given before, during or after an event. It can also be done to prevent or help in the recovery of an injury. Timing influences the technique and intent of the massage. In pre-event massages, techniques such as stretching, shaking and friction are used to warm up the body or increase blood flow. Post-event therapy could include broadening strokes, pettrisage and other techniques that aid in muscle recovery.

It should be performed by a trained therapist

Getting a Sports MassageIt pays to know your therapist’s education and experience, his or her training and how long they have been practicing. Referrals from fellow athletes are helpful, and make sure that the therapist has the necessary licence and training. More importantly, trust only those who are capable of administering sports massage such as www.massaggi.co.uk. A well-trained therapist knows exactly what key areas to focus on, regardless of the injury or sport.

It is for everyone, not just athletes

Not everyone is an athlete, but everyone could be active. People who follow an active lifestyle can benefit from sports massage. It can reduce fatigue, muscle tension, prevent injuries and more. Its difference from “regular” massage in that the therapist has more knowledge of sports injuries.

Bruising is a possible reaction

Since sports massage may involve deep-tissue techniques, bruising is possible. If you are prone to bruising, you can tell your therapist beforehand to adjust the pressure. A cold compress may help reduce swelling of the affected area.

Whether you’re a health buff or professional athlete, sports massage can help relieve sore muscles and enhance your performance. It has become an essential part of a modern athlete’s fitness routine because it has proven benefits especially in preventing injuries. It pays to know what to expect from this form of massage to better prepare or make the most of it.

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