How Important Is the Recent Nobel Prize Winning Research on Body Clocks?

Our bodies are naturally designed to protect themselves from illnesses, to address any infections in them, to run themselves efficiently and to function well independently. Circadian rhythm is also one of the wonders of the human body by virtue of which the body clock is set.

Understanding circadian rhythm:

sleep patternBody clock or circadian rhythm is the personalized timer of the body which is different for everyone. Isn’t it amazing that our bodies can set a timer on their own? This ‘timer’ decides your sleep pattern, your moods, your best hours of productivity and also your hunger cravings. It is a naturally designed body clock which every individual is blessed with. This is why some people feel energetic during the wee hours of the night while some others are drained of their energy at that given time.

Some people have certain time periods when their hunger sets in. Some others feel productive only during certain hours of the day. This is because your body is now so adjusted to your work, sleep and eat cycle that it reminds you of the respective task to be done when its time arrives. If you have a proper pattern you follow each day, your mind, and therefore your body, both learn to obey and mold themselves to the given time format.

How is circadian rhythm important?

 Research-on-Body-ClocksThe recent research about circadian rhythm won the three scientists a Nobel Prize in Medicine this year. The three US scientists Jeffrey Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael Young bagged the Prize for their contribution in revealing the influence of the body clock in several other molecular mechanisms of the body. The body clock functions effectively and also influences the working of other treatments and medicinal procedures or any other such process that the individual may have to undergo.

Studying the patient’s circadian rhythm further will open new doors for their proper personalized treatments. Doctors can alter their medicines and the treatment process to suit best with the individual’s circadian rhythm for maximum benefits. Here are some reasons why the body clock is much more important than it may seem:

  • It governs your sleeping and resting timings, which is why it is important to allow the circadian rhythm to function on its own, and you should not interfere in its functioning.
  • Genetics play a crucial role in determining your circadian rhythm. You must allow your body plenty of time before making any sudden changes in your sleeping or eating habits.
  • Subjecting yourself to therapies which are in accordance with your circadian rhythm are all proven to bring about tremendous improvement in the overall health.

Consequences of countering your circadian rhythm:

Since the body clock is of utmost importance for the overall health and wellbeing of the body, it is best to go with the flow of your body clock. All of us humans have a similar circadian rhythm which makes us sleepy during the night and active during the day. No matter how nocturnal or diurnal you may be, you still get inclined towards sleep usually between 2-4am and 1-3pm   Countering it may bring about grave changes and serious unavoidable health consequences.

  • Disrupted sleeping issues may occur if you go against your original sleeping pattern designed as per your body clock. It may result in insomnia, restlessness, lack of concentration or anxiety.
  • Lack of concentration sets in where your body is not able to function to the maximum of its capability. Due to this, you find little to no productivity in your work.
  • Your digestion and metabolism go for a toss. You may suddenly put on more weight or lose some unexpected body weight, all in a short span of time.
  • Frequent headaches may occur due to spending more time in front of digital screens. Using smartphones and laptops during the time you should be sleeping, poses a threat to your eyes and your sleep quality.

The Nobel Prize winners put in extreme amount of hard work to compile their studies into something worthwhile. It was all worth the effort and appreciation. The circadian rhythm is something seriously underrated and it was high time somebody utilized its functions for the betterment of medicinal functions.

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