Vows to move on without artery-clogging trans fats, how far true?

Vote by New York City’s Board of Health for banning artery-clogging trans fats has come up as a major victory for those who were continuously moving on with their fight for healthier foods. By this move of New York City’s Board of Health, it would be mandatory for most of the restaurants to stop use of trans fats in their products by July, 2007. Another repercussion of this move would eliminate trans fats from all foods by July, 2008. A big percent of New Yorkers have moved out favoring this ban on trans fats.

Before moving further lets try to know what trans fats are all about. Actually, trans fats are solid fats that are created by adding hydrogen into cooking oils. Several studies have proved that these trans fats are toxic, posing great risks to heath. That is the reason why I think that by banning use of these trans fats a very sane and very profound step has been taken towards good health. According to an estimate, this ban on trans fats would prevent approximately 500 deaths from cardiovascular disease and that too just in one year. This clearly shows that how badly these trans fats are playing havoc in the lives of thousands of people.

In the recent period, many food giants came forward vowing to cut down their use of trans fats round the world. Not much time has elapsed when McDonalds announced that it would use the healthier oil in 6,300 other restaurants in Europe along with cutting down the use of trans fats. Moving on the same path, other food companies have also come forward with similar promises. For instance, food company Yum! Brands, which operates 5,500 KFC and 4,200 Taco Bell restaurants also committed to fry its chicken in trans-fat-free oil by the month of April, next year.

I believe that it would not be a very difficult for these food companies to come up with alternatives to trans fats because they are easily available in the market. However, one thing is certain that relying on these alternatives would be somewhat costlier for these companies because by using trans fats these companies do have one advantage that they can use oils carrying trans fats for somewhat longer time that saves a big amount of their money. But I can dare say that in the name of cheap cost it is not right to play with the health of people. And with this ban we could hope for a healthier and better future. But one thing is very important to mention here that it would be very interesting to see that how much probity these food companies show in carrying out promises made by them as well as imposed on them by this ban.

Via: Business Week

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