Video Games can boost your health!

Researchers at University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies designed ‘Virtual Iraq’, a therapeutic and educational interactive game. The games are based on the hypothesis that most people, including old age stroke patients and mentally retarded kids, have a unique capacity to work harder when confronted with an engaging game.

In this new developing game technology, there is a strident alliance of researchers, medical experts, game technicians and artists to develop the health-related video game projects. They develop the usual video games into near to real tools to treat different medical and emotional conditions.

Some other games, on the way to design, would improve the aging brain functioning and enhance motor skills in stroke patients. Focus is on the brain-injured kids or the kids suffering attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. However, the project is lacking funds as well as commercial prospects. But most of the experts believe it is at a tipping point of development.

David Wertheimer, executive director of USC’s Centers for Creative Technologies says,

empowering the medical field in this way will be proved as beneficial in future. The performance under controlled clinical testing conditions will show its advantages in the patients in future.


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