Keep working even after retirement to stay healthy

Do not ever think that retirement will make you healthier than now. According to a survey, the retirement causes an eleven percent decline in mental health, eight percent rise in sickness and finally twenty-three percent increase in having problems to perform the routine acts over a six-year period.

Dhaval Dave of the National Bureau of Economic Research and Bentley College, advises to just keep working somewhere, whatever part-time or full-time even after retirement.

The Alzheimer’s Association selected four workings to stay healthy later in life:
1.) Mental motivation
2.) Physical doings
3.) Social connectivity
4.) Healthy diet

On the other hand, working longer is not always good for better health, of course. The objective should be to find a job that keeps you to meet your goals to stay healthy. Do not be overstressed and keep your mind cool and stress free is a fundamental way to have good health. Just go for the work that suits your nature and be healthy forever.


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