One 'shisha' smoke equals to 10 cigarette

Shisha smoking has become a new trend in the cafes and restaurants in UAE. The shisha smokers believe that it poses a little health risk than cigarette smoking. Medical experts have already confirmed that shisha has a more hazardous impact on health. The conception of using herbal tobacco in ‘Shisha’ that does not affect the body organs is baseless.

Residents of buildings with coffee shops and snack counters that serve shisha called on government to take on certain actions to control this spread of shisha outlets in the country. The UAE is one of the world’s leading consumers of tobacco.

Medical experts have also cautioned that one of the hazards of smoking shisha is lung cancer. The poor quality aluminium foil reacts with the burning charcoal and produces aluminium fumes that are carcinogenic or causes cancer.

According to the medical experts the amount of carbon dioxide inhaled through shisha is comparatively very high than cigarette smoking. One shisha smoke is as equal as 10 cigarettes. The humidity in smoke increases as smoke goes through water and for that cause it stays in the lungs for a longer time. A recent studies show that the pipe acts as a bacteria carrier causes infectious diseases like Hepatitis A. It may be transmitted in multiple smokers.


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