Understanding the importance of flossing your teeth and its benefits

A huge number of people skip flossing because they believe that brushing once or twice a day is enough for keeping the teeth shiny bright and the gums super healthy. If you too are one of these people then you are making a big mistake. Expert dentists believe that flossing is as important as brushing your teeth twice a day.

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If you are short of time then at least try to floss once everyday carefully. The problem is that brushing may clean all the parts of your teeth but not the area between them. For that you need good quality floss. Not flossing daily can lead to cavities, gingivitis, periodontitis and other tooth problems.

How does floss help in maintaining oral hygiene?

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When you chew food a part of it gets stuck between your teeth. These food particles may seem to be negligible in amount but they can weaken your teeth. Over time the stuck food particles get rotten and invite bacteria to have a feast. These germs and bacteria will also affect your dental hygiene. The rotten food particles turn into plaque and then solidify into tartar.

Tartar cannot be removed without the help of a professional dentist. Flossing helps in removing the particles that get stuck between your teeth. Regular flossing makes sure that the food particles do not get any time to turn into plaque. Formation of tartar can make cleaning the teeth difficult. Due to tartar the gums may get swollen and damaged. This condition is known as gingivitis.

A good dental floss can also remove debris and interproximal dental plaque. The areas of your mouth that a normal brush cannot reach can be cleaned with the help of dental floss alone.

What is floss made of?

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Fibers of silk are twisted to make long strands of floss. Floss can also be made of nylon or plastic monofilaments. Some flosses available in the market are flavored. Mint and other pleasant flavors make flossing more fun for users, especially kids.

Always try to look for floss that has received the ADA seal. ADA offers its seal only to products which have offered scientific proof of being safe for human use.

Why you should not skip flossing?

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Flossing coupled with brushing your teeth twice everyday is the only full proof way of maintaining oral hygiene. You should floss before you brush your teeth. This way the food particles stuck between your teeth will all get out and then get washed away.

The cost of dental care and tooth replacement is spiraling upwards. If you floss then you will not have to get costly dental treatments anytime soon. This way flossing will save your hard earned money. Discoloration of teeth and bad breath makes one lose confidence. Flossing will clean your teeth thoroughly so that your teeth looks shiny and bad breath problem disappears.

Flossing offers several benefits Beautiful young woman teeth close up


Your teeth are the guards of your health. If your teeth and gums become weak then you will not be able to chew or digest food. This in turn will keep you healthy and fitter. Flossing not just cleanses the spaces between your teeth but it also improves your overall health.

Thousands of people who suffer from gum pain and tooth ache have benefited by flossing. Flossing removes the plaque from between the tooth and makes your breath smell fresh. Improved oral hygiene makes an individual more confident in the personal front.

Flossing is necessary for maintaining oral hygiene and protecting the teeth from rotting. Buy floss with ADA seal and use it at least once a day for cleaning the spaces between your teeth.

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