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Know your heart to take better care of it

The heart beats 24×7 for our benefit but we seldom stop to think about it or take measures to care for it appropriately. Eating a low fat and low cholesterol diet is not enough for keeping your heart healthy.


You must understand how your heart is affected by your daily routine, stress, tension and emotional problems. Heart diseases affect men and women in different ways. But members of both genders can follow certain rules and regulations for keeping the heart fitter and healthier.

How heart diseases affect men and women in different ways

sick woman with sudden heart attack symptom

Heart diseases are considered to be one of the top killers which have claimed numerous human lives. But scientists have found that men and women are affected in different ways by heart disorders. Around one third of the total female population has got some sort of cardiovascular disorder.

Women become afflicted with heart disorders at least ten years after men. According to scientists, the chances of heart attacks in women are low before menopause due to normal production of estrogen.

American Heart Association to have claimed that estrogen can lower heart attack risks in women. But, in case of women heart attacks can strike before they turn 50 and kill them. Heart attacks in women are more fatal than in men. Fatigue, weakness, headaches, nausea, breathing trouble, jaw ache and sleeping problems can be early premonitions of a heart attack in women.

The average age of the first heart attack in men is considered to be 66. Lower levels of estrogen can be one of the reasons why men are more prone to getting heart attacks. The symptoms of heart attack in men include discomfort in the chest region, breathing trouble, anxiety, lightheadedness and sweating.

Emotional issues and excessive stress can affect your heart

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Though stress may not be the direct cause of heart diseases or a heart attack they can lead to it indirectly by changing your eating habits. People who are under a lot of stress are more likely to binge on chips, fast foods and cold drinks. They also drink more alcoholic beverages or coffee. Such bad eating and drinking habits can invariably lead to plaque buildup inside your arteries. Excessive stress can release hormones like adrenaline and cortisol inside your body. These hormones can raise your blood pressure, affecting your heart negatively.

To prevent stress from affecting your heart and your health you should take some measures to reduce it. Remove the stressors from your life and practice breathing techniques which can calm you down in a stressful circumstance. Make sure that you get 7-8 hours of sleep everyday and exercise daily.

Be indulgent to your heart


You will be glad to hear that the University of Scranton has deemed popcorn to be a heart healthy food. Popcorn is a wholegrain food which contains as much polyphenols as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Air popped popcorns drizzled with little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper can do wonders for your heart. Also eat small cubes of dark chocolates everyday as it too is good for your heart. Dark chocolates lower the blood pressure levels considerably and reduce the chances of a heart attack.

Be active for the sake of heart

Couple of campers

Go for a hiking trip with friends or plan a biking race. Physical activities, especially cardio exercises enhance the abilities of your heart. Exercise is also great stress buster as it can cause biochemical changes inside your brain that lifts the mood and decreases anxiety.

Your heart is your precious treasure. Take good care of it by maintaining a healthy weight and following a proper diet. Exercise regularly and spend time with your loved ones for reducing stress.

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