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Tried and tested methods for preponing your periods

birth control pills

Every woman has her unique menstrual cycle. Some are blessed with longer and prominent menstrual cycles, which mean the gap between their periods is almost a month long. But those who have shorter menstrual cycle may get periods within 25 days. Getting period on a particular time of the month can be daunting in many ways.

 irregular periods

You cannot actively participate in revelries, sports programs or special occasions. This is why many women choose to prepone their period according to personal convenience. There are several methods for achieving a preponed period, some of them are mentioned here.

You can use birth control pills for preponing periods

 birth control pills

Those of you who have taken emergency contraceptive pills probably know that this type of pills can make periods get preponed. So, if you are physically fit and want to prepone your periods, try some contraceptive pills. It is not necessary to use emergency contraceptive pills as the regular contraceptive pills we do as well. The reason why these pills have the power of preponing your periods is that they contain progesterone and estrogen.

You should consult your physician before taking this step and get a physical check up done. Women with heart diseases and some other physical conditions should not use these pills. Generally, you will have to start taking the contraceptive pills early. Stop taking them after 7 days of regular consumption and wait for 2 to 3 days. There are high chances that you will get your period within 48 hours of stopping the intake of pills. Though contraceptive pills are reliable and convenient they can also impart side effects and cause physical problems.

Home remedies for preponing your periods


Contraceptives and other medicines commonly used by women for postponing or preponing their periods can affect their body adversely. That is why you must consider some natural home remedies for achieving the same results.


 Trudy-Lee Markotter #3

Having papaya juice many times a day or eating two or more papayas a day can help in preponing your periods. Papaya has lots of carotene in it. This substance is known for stimulating estrogen hormone produced in female body. The increase in level of estrogen will help in preponing the menstruation. Papaya produces heat inside the body, which also brings the periods faster than usual. If you hate papaya, you can eat carrots and pumpkin as these vegetables also contain high amount of carotene.

Pomegranate and jaggery juice


Pomegranate is good for our skin and health. Drinking pomegranate juice mixed with crushed jaggery can help in preponing your periods. You can also eat jaggery with sesame seeds to get the same results or mix ginger juice with jaggery and drink it first thing in the morning. Ginger is well known for producing heat inside your body and helps in preponing periods.

Turmeric, carom seeds and fenugreek

 Ajwain fruit pods

Drinking turmeric boiled in water can also be effective in preponing your periods. Soak handful of carom seeds in water for some time and drink the water. It is also a quick remedy for preponing your menstruation. Like turmeric, fenugreek seeds also have to be boiled in water. Drink this water to successfully prepone your periods by two to three days.


Home remedies will work only if you plan much ahead of time. If there is a special occasion start using the home remedies 15-16 days prior to the occasion for preponing your periods. Unlike medicines and contraceptives, the home remedies take some time to be effective.

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