New York restaurants to delimit trans fat

Certianly, trans fat is taking its toll and it’s high time we chop it off.
Sensing high risks of developing fatal diseases, the mayor with Board of Health the New York City has taken an initiative concerning the health of people by limiting the amount of trans fats to a half gram for every item on the menus of 24,000 restaurants of the city.

Hydrogenated fat can aggravate heart disease risks by lifting the blood cholesterol levels, as under hydrogenation process, fats are formed by subjecting oils to high temperatures, making them stabilize and solidify to last for long period of time which is used by restaurants for baking and deep frying. And fat rich food lacks nutritive values.

The initiative taken can be a quite better effort helpful to save lives of several people from triggering dreadful diseases but it is not sure that up to what extent the effort may prove successful. Here, people themselves need to be aware about the ill-effects of consuming trans fatty food, thereby creating a healthy world free of diseases.

Via: xinhuanet

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