How good a sportsperson you are? Your fingers will tell…!

Hay, women folks here’s exciting information for you. How good a sportsperson you are, can be better judged by measuring the finger length ratio easily.

A new report suggests that women with longer ring finger than index finger are supposed to be better at sports as experts believe genetic factors to be responsible for it.

The ratio of second to fourth finger is to be calculated by dividing the length of the index finger by that of the ring finger and trials conducted reported that the women with long ring finger reported far better at running and related to it like soccer and tennis.

So, women reading the blog news check out whether you were or are going to be an excellent sports person.

Here’s hope for growing girls arise, if they feel interested to choose a career in sports than don’t wait and measure the length of your fingers or you can look for sport’s celebrities whether longer ring finger responsible for making them famous personality at sports getting a proof of the study.


Via: scotsman

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