Tips to alleviate itch during Chicken pox Attack!

Chicken pox is, common to children, caused by the varicella zoster virus and characterized by mild headache and fever, malaise, and eruption of blisters on the skin and mucous membranes.

‘The disease’ due to its red blister rashes develops itching in the body of the affected, usually itching upon these rashes lead to develop scratches and scars on the skin which can be dangerous.

Therefore, here are some tips to calm down itch problem:

Cut off the fingernails of your child preventing him from scratching the infected area.

Apply a cool water soaked washcloth on the irritated body part of the child to clean sweat along with cooling effect.

Bathe your child with lukewarm water with oatmeal poured in it to becalm the itchy skin.

Use calamine lotion to control itching.

Tips are too simple to follow but you need to be cautious, if the rashes are far more fatal, in that case, consult doctor for better treatment


Via: yahoo

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