Tips to select hair gels for all hair types

All of us aim to look chic and happening all through the day, and proper clothing, a perfect make up, and a superb hairstyle is what helps us to achieve such fantastic look. Hairstyle plays a major role to make us hot and happening but it is not an easy task to manage our hairstyle and make it look good all the time. We often use hairstyling products to give our hair cut a perfect styling, and one such hair product is a hair gel. Hair gel styles our tresses and keeps them in place throughout the day. It would not be wrong to say that hair gels are stiffening agents, as they help stiffen up our hair in place, and maintain a particular hairstyle the entire day.

Hair gel is not a new concept; rather it is an ancient concept, as ancient as the Roman and the Egyptian times wherein people used to apply natural hair gel to style their hair. Luis Montoya of the United States invented hair gel in 1960 under the brand name “DEP,” which are the initials of the prime ingredient in the modern gels (diethyl phthalate). This prime ingredient is what gives hair gels a non-sticky consistency. People, especially boys like to put gel on their hair in order to keep their locks in place, to improve their hair texture, and to have a wet hair look.

Be it any hair product, it comes in ample varieties and types that have different effects on different hair types. Therefore, the foremost thing that you should know before you choose a hair product is your hair type. Is your hair dry, frizzy, curly, straight, soft, dull, thick, long, oily, wavy, or just fine? When you know the category your hair belong to, it becomes so much easier to pick a hair product for yourself. There are different varieties of hair gels in the market that offer perfect care to all the above-mentioned hair types. Apart from the nature of your hair, following are some other things you should consider while buying a hair gel for yourself:


Labels are of integral importance in any product. They are the mouthpiece of a product bottled inside. While choosing a hair gel, do not forget to read the label, as the label reads the type of hair it is suitable for. For instance, if you have frizzy and curly hair, pick the one that reads for curly hair.

Hair type

There are certain hair textures that fall between two categories, as in the curly hair are soft, and the straight hair is dry. Another such situation that causes confusion is the uncertainty regarding your hair type. Sometimes people find themselves unable to decide as to which category of hair type their hairs belong to. This confusion can make one choose a wrong hair product, so whenever you are in such confusion, do not hesitate a bit to consult a hair expert.


Take into consideration the thickness of your hair. If your hair is not thick then go for a hair product that can give your hair body and shape. For thick hair, you need a product that has ability to tame your thick hair.

Dyed Hair

If you die or color your hair, then you should use hair gel that is designed for color treated hair. If you have colored hair, then no matter what is the texture, length, or the type your hair are, you should pick hair gel that is suitable for such hair.


There is a wide assortment of hair products in the market to choose from but people need to consider several things before picking up one, as in they pick a hair product that is suitable for their individual hair type.

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