Every pound of weight gained can put your health at risk

We often hear about the effects of being overweight on our health without realizing the full impact of weight gain. Often being healthy has been linked with eating a balanced diet and working-out regularly. This is because we can stay healthy only by regulating our weight. The moment one becomes overweight different types of health problems start occurring. Recent researches and scientific studies have found that every pound of extra weight puts an individual more at risk of incurring chronic diseases.

 heart ailments

Continuous weight monitoring and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are the only ways one can stay on the right side of the measuring scale and stay fit. Excess body weight can put you at the risk of being severely affected by at least 50 different diseases including heart diseases, stroke, diabetes, and some types of cancers. Increasing body weight can also reduce your life expectancy.

Apart from the complex and chronic illnesses, body weight is also responsible for uncomfortable health disorders like gout and gallstones. Scientists and doctors have linked depression and mood disorders also with weight gain. A study conducted by Harvard on the impact of weight gain on the health of adult men and women has found some surprising results in this matter.

This study was conducted on 50,000 men and 120,000 women. The volunteers who participated provided the researchers with their height and weight data. They were also asked questions about their diet, lifestyle and medical records. After tracking the health of these people for 10 years, scientists reached the conclusion that fat gain indeed increases the chance of diabetes 20 times along with other life threatening diseases heart disease, gallstone and stroke.

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BMI or Body Mass Index is also related with health and fitness. Physicians are giving more importance to it than just weight. If the BMI increases then the risk of diseases also increase and if the BMI decreases then the fitness level increases.

To curb weight gain one must understand what is being overweight. There is a healthy weight range for everyone that can be measured by checking their bone density and height. If the weight goes beyond this normal weight range then that person is overweight. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle and fail to workout then the excess calories that you consume won’t get burnt. Calories get stored into the body in the form of fat. This can be ruinous for your health and fitness.


Obesity can be genetic. Some kids and adults are prone to gaining weight. The metabolic system differs from one person to another. If you want to stay fit then you must first evaluate your body and understand it. Plan your diet with the nutrition requirements of your body. After a certain age, you cannot follow the unreasonable fad diets which demand that the dieters drink soup for days for shedding weight. Eat 6-7 small meals and reduce the amount of processed foods that you consume. Processed sugar, meat and flour are not just fattening but they also cause health damage by choking arteries and increasing the blood cholesterol levels.

Stop eating fast foods as they contain saturated fats. These types of fats thicken the arteries and increase the chances of high blood pressure and heart attacks. Body fat can also decrease an individual’s confidence and sexual performance. By exercising and eating healthy, you can stop your sexual prowess from waning, and keep you physique toned and firm.


Obesity and weight gain increases the risk of health disorders and chronic diseases. One should watch his or her weight as even a pound of weight gain can put them into risk.

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