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Tips for prepare healthy snacks for your kids

Kids eating sandwiches

Most kids are very fussy about eating their food and they often leave their veggies scattered on plate. Other bad eating habits that kids have are snacking too many times and eating fast foods or chips between meals. Such bad snacking habits can ruin their appetite. It is the duty of parents to make their kids eat healthy snacks and stop them from getting obese.


Bad eating habits can lead to health related disorders and obesity which in turn can stop your child from leading a normal life. One way to make your kids eat healthy snacks is to make those snacks with their help and teaching them to cook nutritious meals at home.Kids love to learn new things like cooking. Once you show your kid that they can make a healthy snack in the kitchen, they will be less prone to eating chips and fast foods. Kids always feel excited about meals and snacks that they have cooked themselves. Teaching your kids how to cook healthy snacks will change their eating habit and add a life-saving skill to their list of abilities.

The first things that kids must learn is too stay safe in the kitchen and maintain hygiene. Teach them how to refrigerate foods, clean the meats and veggies and tell them not to chop veggies and meats with the same knife. Tell the younger ones that they should not touch sharp knife-edges and hot pans or pots.


Start with basic foods that are healthy, tasty but still very easy to make. One such snack is the ants on a log. This is a simple recipe where you need to take some fresh celery sticks and then smear peanut or almond butter on them and then spread beans or sunflower seeds on top.

You can also teach your kids to make tasty dips with cheese and cream with a blender for eating their pears, apples and other fruity snacks. Smoothies are good for health and you can make them as tasty as you can. Teach your kids to make basic tasty fruit smoothies with berries, strawberries, honey, and bananas. Small sized sandwiches are also easy to make with sliced tomatoes, lettuce and eggs.

One thing that attracts kids towards food is decoration. Make sure that the food you serve them looks attractive. Let your kids make smiley faces on sandwiches with sauce or decorate boring pancakes with sliced and diced fruits. Make sure that your kids can handle the basic kitchen tasks like slicing, boiling and operating the blender and microwave before you teach them complex recipes.

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