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Importance of a healthy diet for the growth and development of kids

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Children need a nutritious and balanced diet from the very beginning. Kids can be very fussy about what they eat and throw tantrums during meal times, but do not let these undermine you. It is your responsibility, as a parent to, make them eat healthy and develop good eating habits in your kids. Without a proper balanced diet, your child’s development will be incomplete. The first nutritious milk is breast milk of the mother. The breast milk consists of vital nutrients that helps in strengthening the immunity system of the child and enables your baby to fight off germs and bacteria.


As your baby grows up you have to feed them solid foods like cereals and boiled vegetables. Fish and chicken stews are beneficial for kids because they need many proteins. Even when you stop breastfeeding, you must make your child drink milk from the bottle at least once every day.

During the first year babies grow super fast and this is the time when you will have to feed them almost every hour of the day. The growth rate slows down from the second year but development of bones, organs and muscles continue. This period is crucial because slowly your child learns to crawl and then starts walking one day. Proper nutrition helps in the bone development of the kids and gives them the energy to make vital progress.


Parents have to plan the daily meal of their kids cautiously so that they get the right amount of proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals. The intake of water and liquids is also essential for the healthy development of the kids. The fatty acid DHA is very important for the brain development of children. Without the intake of sufficient DHA through daily meals, your child’s brain development will be slow. The vitamins A, B, C and K are important for preventing different diseases. Vitamin D promotes bone growth and helps in the absorption of calcium. It is responsible for protecting your child’s body against rickets.

Children often tend to be attracted towards fast food and chocolates. If you do not build good eating habits in your kids then they will eat too much chocolates, pizza, fries and cold drinks. As a result, they become obese. Obesity among children has become very common but it affects their health adversely and if not checked in time it can impair them from leading a normal life. Along with proper food you should also make your children exercise so that their appetite increases and digestion improves.

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