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20 Steps to a flawless skin



Everyday skincare is the secret behind having perfect flawless skin. If you follow certain steps to care for your skin daily, then you would also require lesser makeup, as gorgeous skin requires no makeup at all. Yet, there is a lot of effort that has to be put in to make your skin look good. Right from wearing the right kind of makeup to eating a healthy diet that supplies the required vitamins to your skin is essential. However, there are a bundle of tips you could carefully stick to in order to have flawless skin. The 20 steps to a flawless and beautiful skin are listed below.

1. The effort to get the skin in perfect shape

The very first skincare step is to take care of the skin and do all that you need to keep it in shape. The process to a cleaner skin involves cleansing the skin, scrubbing the dead skin off, and keeping your skin well hydrated. If you are following these three steps every day for a longer time, you would notice that there is less need or no need for concealer and makeup at all.

2. Always moisturize your skin before putting anything else on

The second step involves putting a moisturizer after you wash your face and before you put on any concealer or foundation. A proper amount of moisturizer also lets the concealer and foundation glide on easily on the face.

3. The concealer comes before the foundation

The next step is to use concealer in the affected areas. Remember that concealer is to be applied before the foundation and not after the foundation. The use of concealer after the foundation will provide a cake-like face. Another benefit of concealer is that after you use it, less amount of foundation is required on the face.

4. Do not apply the foundation all over the face

The fourth step is all about applying the amount of foundation which is needed. Do not put it all over the face randomly. Try to cover all the uneven areas of your face like nose, forehead, etc.

5. Blending is important

The fifth simple step is to blend the foundation perfectly into your skin, else instead of hiding the uneven parts, it would start to highlight them more. Thus, always start from the center of your face and then blend it towards outside slowly. Make sure to blend the color of the neck with the face.

6. Choosing the apt color foundation for your skin

The sixth step is crucial and yet many find it hard to find that perfect color foundation for their skin. Yet, try out different shades on your skin and settle for the one that makes your skin look toned down and does not make your skin look too much whiter. Also remember that in summers skin tends to get darker and in winters it becomes light. So mix the colors to arrive at the perfect color for your face.

7. Use a sponge or a brush

The seventh step really depends upon your convenience. You can either use your hands or sponge or a brush to apply the foundation and blend it well. While a brush makes it very easy to cover all the tiny areas that we might miss out with hands, sponge is good for an evenly covering of the face.

8. Do not dispose off a wrongly bought concealer or foundation

The eighth step involves not throwing off what you might have bought by mistake. You could always mix the different shades of foundations together and make it work for your face.

9. Concealing the under-eye circles

The ninth step is all about using the right color for concealing the under eye dark circles. Makeup artists suggest that you should use a peach or yellow tone concealer for your under-eye dark circles. Start by putting the concealer on the inner corner of the eye.

10. Use bronzers without apprehensions

The tenth step is to use bronzers without thinking too much. The bronzers provide a sheen to your face when you apply it to the parts that get reflected in the sun like forehead, nose, and cheeks.

11. Do not put too much makeup

The eleventh step is for those who are used to covering their whole face with too much foundation. Do not try to do full coverage with the foundation as that would make your face look too cakey.

12. Use a skin primer

The twelfth step represents the latest trend of using the skin primers. These primers moisturize your skin well, make it look plump and healthy, and fill in all the visible pores or wrinkle lines on your face.

13. Do not be afraid of oily skin

The thirteenth step includes making the perfect use of natural oils produced in your skin. The natural oils on your face provide a beautiful sheen to your face.

14. Apply a water spray after applying make up

The fourteenth step to a flawless skin is to apply evian water spray to the face. Spraying this would help avoid the cake look on your face.

15. Make the ashy look go away

The fifteenth step is not to be missed. Do get over with the want of going for the ashy look as you can always use a cream highlighter. For the lips, however, you should put the concealer on the upper corners where skin tends to get darker.

16. Toning down the red skin

The sixteenth step involves toning down your skin if it tends to get too reddish.You could tone down your reddish skin with a yellow or a green tone foundation.

17. Highlighting the skin

The seventeenth step is all about highlighting your skin . The benefit you would receive would be that the uneven parts of your face would be minimized while other features would get highlighted.

18. Create cheekbones

The eighteenth step prompts you to create a depth, contour to your face. And for doing the same, you can create instant cheekbones by applying a bronze powder over your cheeks, nose, and forehead. Once you have applied the bronzer, dab some cream blush over the cheeks.

19. Tip for extra white skin colors

The nineteenth step is for those who have extra white skin. The trick to find the perfect foundation for such skin type is to find a foundation that can darken their skin a bit. Thereafter, you can add blush and shimmer to sober it down more.

20. Wear blush any time

The last step is a suggestive one. No matter what kind of skin color you may have, you could always wear a blush. It adds a flush to your face and makes your face look vibrant.

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