Medicines and diet to increase dopamine in your body

Dopamine is the feel good neurotransmitter that makes you feel happy and motivated. This chemical messenger is produced by the different parts of the brain such as substantia nigra. The main function of dopamine is to transport signals from the brain to the different organs and parts of the body. It is responsible for our emotions, movements and our capability of experiencing pleasure and pain. A common nervous disorder that occurs in the absence of dopamine is Parkinson’s disease. No drug can directly enhance the dopamine levels in the brain because this hormone is unable to break the blood-brain barrier. Positive lifestyle changes and medication can help people who are suffering from a lack of dopamine.


Change your diet:

We get all the vital nutrients through food. If you are suffering from an acute lack of dopamine in your brain then you must change your diet. Eat foods that are rich in tyrosine for enhancing the dopamine production in the brain. There are varieties of food like almonds, avocadoes, bananas, meat, poultry and lima beans that have high tyrosine content. These foods are also very easily available and affordable. You should also eat foods that have Phenylalanine. It helps in the production of tyrosine, which in turn helps the production of dopamine. Keep soymilk in your daily diet along with fish and meat. Eat colorful vegetables that are rich in antioxidants like broccoli, capsicums, beet, strawberries and carrots. Avoid consuming refined and packaged foods. Stay away from pre-packaged, tinned food high in cholesterol and saturated fat.


Be more active:

A bad lifestyle can be the reason behind decreased dopamine levels. You should exercise everyday for at least 30 minutes. Walking, swimming, jogging are some of the cardio exercises that can help your condition. You should also sleep for sufficient amount of time. You need 7 to 8 hours of sleep to increase the dopamine level in brain.



Vitamin B6 and L-Phenylalanine supplements are helpful in enhancing dopamine production. Penylethylamine or PEA supplements are also helpful for improving the condition of patients. You should eat a little bit of dark chocolate daily as it contains PEA. Consult your doctor before you take medicines.

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