This Article Will Explore The Connection Between Estrogen and Migraines in Men

Many of us are living with a notion that most of the women have to suffer fromthe majority of the complications associated with hormonal imbalance – migraine is one of them. However, a new research has revealed a direct connection between disturbed estrogen and migraines in men.

Study Overview

estrogen-levelsThe study was validated with 39 men divided into two groups. One group comprised of 17 men who had frequent migraine flare-ups. The results were compared with a controlled population of 22 men, who weremigraine free. The blood sample from both the groups was collected and analyzed further for the secretion of estrogen and testosterone.  The study further confirmed that male migraines were associated with higher estrogen levels and the overall lower ratio of testosterone to estrogen.

Scientists explained the relation between estrogen and migraines in men, by confirming that estrogen is identified to be as the primary hormone responsible for pain perception. Studies have also revealed that the brain gets more susceptible to cortical spreading depolarization, which is referred to be as the wave of hyperactivity spread amongst the brain cells, followed by a silent phase.

What are migraines?

ProstateMigraines or testosterone cluster headaches are never to be ignored as routine headaches. If not paid expert attention, it can lead to nausea, light sensitivity, irritability, vomiting, dizziness, visual disturbances, and numbness in the extremities. A migraine is more commonly referred as a neurological condition associated with the halted interaction between brain cells and neuronal pathways.

In men, migraines are different as compared to their feminine counterparts. Men are more likely to be affected with it during teenage, while adult women are thrice more susceptible to migraines than adult men. Conclusively, studies suggest that men grow out of their migraine flare-ups when they become adults. Interestingly, while confirming the relation between estrogen and migraines in men, it has been apparent that testosterone is the leading culprit in gentlemen’s migraines. The disease is initiated with the spike in their testosterone levels as teenagers, and over the period of time, when the T levels decreases with the age, the severity of a migraine also reduces. However, it is to be noted that stress can increase the secretion of testosterone in the blood, thereby can initiate testosterone migraines in men.

While evaluating the safety and feasibility of testosterone therapy, studies have confirmed the following benefits:

  • Testosterone can stop cortical spreading depression (CSD) by propagating electrical activity between brain cells.
  • Increasing levels of the neurotransmitter, the serotonin that acts as a messenger from one part of the brain to other parts.
  • Dilating blood vessels to improve the flow of oxygenated blood towards the brain.
  • Reducing swelling in the brain.

Studies confirming the connection between estrogen and migraines in men have as well evaluated the specific risks for testosterone therapy that can be noted as:

  • Blood clots in veins
  • Breast enlargement
  • Prostate enlargement
  • Shrinking of testicles
  • Decreased sperm production
  • Sleep apnea

It should as well be noted that triggers of a migraine can be variable and patient-specific,and so is the case with effective treatment outcomes. However, it is quite surprising to note that nutrition has an important role to play when connected with estrogen and migrainesin men. Thankfully, some food mentioned herewith can be helpful in minimizing migraine pain. They may be noted as:

Green leafy vegetables


Vegetables rich in vitamin B complex, such as kale, lettuce, spinach etc. have often been associated with reducing the susceptibility towards a number of chronic inflammatory conditions, including a migraine. Apart from a connection between estrogen and migraines in men, scientists could also discover the directrelationship between consumption of vitamin B2 and B3 in a variety of green leafy vegetables with reduced frequency of migraine flare-ups.

Nuts and seeds


Experts believe that daily intake of nuts and seeds can keep you away from migraine pain. Studies have indicated that people who consume low levels of magnesium are more prone to clusters headaches; and hence, further confirmed that daily intake of magnesium through diet can reduce the intensity and frequency of a migraine to the great extent. While correlating estrogen and migraines in men, studies have confirmed that consumption of almonds, peanuts,and sunflower seeds can reduce migraine attacks by 41%.

Red meat

Red meatExperts have suggested that indulgence of natural, grass-fed beef meat can be helpful in triggering hormonal balance and thus be helpful in minimizing pain associated with migraines. It has further been confirmed that red meat is high in vitamin B complex and can trigger hormonal secretion immediately after consumption that can be helpful in stimulating pathways leading to the central nervous system and thus can treat recurring migraine attacks.


EggEggs are the easiest vitamin B complex source and are being preferred by all age groups at any time. Studies have further confirmed the role of riboflavin in reducing the frequency and duration of migraine pain as it has a direct connection to estrogen and migraines in men. Nutritionists have as well pinpointed that two large eggs can fulfill 24% of daily riboflavin need and reduce migraine attacks to the great extent.



Since ancient time, ginger is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. One cup of ginger tea or few drops of ginger juice, if consumed on an empty stomach in the morning, is found to be highly beneficial in reducing migraines and also nausea associated with a migraine.


CoffeeDoctors often advice that a cup of warm coffee can be an immediate trigger to reduce migraine-associated pain. Studies in this regard, have confirmed that caffeine, the primary compound in coffee, is helpful in reducing the size of swollen and/or inflamed blood vessels that are responsible for causing pain in migraines. In fact, statistics have suggested it to be more effective than over the counter medicines in providing instant relief.

Grape Juice

Grape JuiceFor many of us, it is quite surprising to know that grape juice has a direct correlation with estrogen and migraines in men. In fact, grape juice is identified to be as the powerhouse of dietary fibers, vitamin C, and vitamin A. These nutrients are helpful in shrinking swollen blood vessels and regulating the inflammatory cytokines that are observed in the blood during a migraine attack. Grape juice is thus identified to be as the great home remedy for reducing migraine-related pain.

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