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7 brain foods that helps you focus and concentrate

brain foods that helps you focus and concentrate

Whether it’s exam stress or project anxieties, there may have been numerous times that you wanted to focus but it just didn’t happen. The problem of being attention deficit and reduced brain power has been quite common nowadays. But this common problem is the initial footprint of dementia and other age-related disorders, and hence need immediate medical attention. Conventional medications such as steroids cannot have a significant impact on altering the body’s physiology. Moreover, long-term consumption may lead to other severe side effects and are to be avoided. Studies in this regard, have confirmed natural availability of certain foods that help you focus and concentrate.

Although, the list of such foods and drinks that increase the concentration and focus is endless; some of the important and highly potent supplements are noted herewith that are known to improve brain cognitive functions, such as memory, mental clarity, mood and attention span.

Green Tea

Green TeaGreen tea has been proven as an important supplement that can improve memory and metabolism. The reason behind its placement at the top of the list of foods that help you focus and concentrateis probably because of its L-Theanine content. The energy boosting ability of the compound is well identified and has also been proven that the compound, in association with a caffeine content of green tea,stimulates the ability of the brain to focus. In fact, a study conducted by a team of scientists from the University of John Hopkins confirmed that caffeine can retain the focusing ability of the brain for up to 24 hours or more. Moreover, studies have as well confirmed that L-Theanine is an ingredient that is primarily responsible for stimulating alpha wave activity, responsible for higher tranquility and slow release of caffeine. This is very crucial to avoid a mass release of caffeine, causing activity crash.

Thus, with the combined effect of L-Theanine and caffeine, green tea can improve your concentration and focus naturally.

Vitamin E

dementiaA whole lot of foods are available in the market that can be a rich supplement of vitamin E. However, it is important for you to incorporate them in your daily diet as foods that helps you focus and concentrate. Some of the top listed sources of vitamin E are almonds, sunflower seeds, wheat germ oil, sweet potatoes, avocado, and spinach.

In order to evaluate the connection between vitamin E rich foods and improved brain ability, various studies have been performed globally. Recently, researchers could predict the ability of vitamin E to improve memory in patients suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Studies have confirmed that vitamin E is potent enough to protect the neural lining, and thus establishing continuous pathways for signal transduction. Moreover, it has also been confirmed that a diet rich in vitamin E can be helpful in minimizing oxidative stress on neurons, further reducing their degeneration and/or functional loss.

Experts thus believe that brain food and drink rich in vitamin E can be helpful in neuronal sustenance and keeping memory diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. at bay.

Flax Seeds


The power of a flax seed as a food that helps you focus and concentrate is well acknowledged; for that matter, it is commonly being recommended to pregnant women to promote neuronal regeneration in a developing fetus. The cognitive enhancing properties of flax seeds are generally enhanced due to its omega 3 fatty acid content. Studies have indicated that omega 3 fatty acid is ahighly potent ingredient that can increase the size of the brain, improve the speed of the neuronal messenger system, and is also helpful in improving the memory of the brain.

Studies in this regard could confirm that due to memory enhancing properties of omega 3 fatty acids, it is included in most of the baby food manufactured currently.



Blueberry is identified to be the superfood that helps you focus and concentrate by boosting cognitive abilities of the brain. A recent study in this regard could evidently confirm that children, when forced to appear for the exam by having a glass full of blueberry smoothie, have experienced benefits of improved brain functions and memory. It has been apparent that blueberry smoothies can increase the functional attributes of the brain by about 10-20%.

Blueberries are rich in anti-oxidants and flavonoids, both of which are known to enhance blood circulation towards the brain and can boost the freshness of mind. A glass full of blueberry smoothie can be helpful to offer you a shot of tannins, anthocyanins, proanthocyanins, etc. These compounds are being studied for delaying symptoms of dementia by boosting memory.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Today, the need of an hour is a razor-sharp memory and concentration, and what if you get it through food that helps you focus and concentrate? Well then, it’s a win-win situation altogether! Coconut oil has natural anti-inflammatory properties that help you enhance your brain’s cognitive functions! Studies have also indicated that coconut oil is useful in minimizing issues such as memory loss and lack of attention in students. This can be achieved through immune regulation and suppression ofinflammation-causing cells.

Scientists have proven that patients with issues such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia have shown great improvements when supplied with coconut oil.

Dark Chocolate

Dark ChocolateThe dark chocolate or cocoa powder has been proven to increase oxygenated blood flow to the brain and thus can prevent age-induced memory degeneration. Research has also indicated that eating chocolate can stimulate secretion of certain happy hormones immediately, which in turn are responsible for secretion of certain feel-good neurotransmitters in the brain. Thus, eating chocolate is helpful in enhancing neuronal transduction capacity of the brain and can also increase the functional attributes of the brain.


waterLast but not the least, water is an essential part of all our metabolic processes and hence, it is very important. Drinking enough water helps conduction of electrical energy towards the brain to enhance its functional capacity and memory. Studies have proven the importance of water in making a person think faster, stay more focused, and remain healthy as well.

Thus, your diet plays a crucial role in supporting many of the brain functions. Accordingly, experts have advised to include some brain food and drinks as a part of your daily menu to get better results.

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