Medical Marijuana for Senior Citizens – Here’s What You Should Know

Medical marijuana is kind of uncut cannabis Indica plant. A lot of scientific research is known to back up the fact that this kind of marijuana is recommended to treat illnesses – aging disorders in particular. Some studies have proved that it is appropriate for a reduction in nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy too. True that the sale of marijuana is illegal in some countries. However, whether one must be using medical marijuana for senior citizens for the purpose of treatment is still under debate. 

In a lot of countries around the world, medical marijuana is used to address arthritis, cancer, and much more. Older people usually lose their appetite, and medical marijuana cures this problem too. It is seen that seniors above 65 years are mostly the users of medical marijuana since its benefits are quite promising in the long term as well in the short term too.

Understanding medical marijuana:

Marijuana or cannabis is a plant which is grown for industrial purposes. It works as a painkiller and possesses analgesic properties. Marijuana comprisesof many compounds, but the two main ones aretetrahydrocannabinol andcannabidiol, commonly known as THC and CBD respectively.

Cannabis for seniors is useful in treating many illnesses, disorders,and symptoms. It is advised for severe diseases like cancer, HIV/AIDS, and even during epilepsy. It also provides relief from chronic pain, arthritis, and helps in fighting offanxiety attacks and issues related to emotional balance. Marijuana reacts to different kinds of people in a different way. However, the underlying fact is that medical marijuana is quite effective in dealing with almost all age-related issues.

Medical marijuana for senior citizenshas a limitation – its unpredictable nature, due to which it is not recommended by doctors for a long periodcontinuously. To obtain marijuana legally, a patient needs to have a medical prescription. There are many ways of consuming marijuana as per our preference, but it must be consumed only with your doctor’s knowledge and under their supervision.

Benefits of medical marijuana for senior citizens:

Safer than pills:

A lesser-known fact is that cannabis for seniorsis safer than the pills or drugs that elders take regularly. Additionally, there area number of side effects of the drugs that older people consume daily. On the flip side, not a single person has faced severe unwanted consequences on the grounds of consuming marijuana. In fact, even after overdose, there is no such danger.


medical marijuana

A huge chunk of people believe that consuming a particular drug on a daily basis leads to its addiction. Now, this may be true to some extent for other drugs, but not for marijuana, especially medical marijuana. This natural drug is only known to provide relief and does not become an addiction. The biggest advantage of consuming medical marijuana is that one is free to discontinue it whenever they feel so, due to any reason.


There are many different kinds of strains in medical marijuana for senior citizens. The two main ones are ‘Sativa’ and ‘Indica’. Every plant has a distinct personality. If one strain helps in the treatment of nausea, then the other would help to release chronic pain.

What you should know about medical marijuana for seniors?

joint pain

As mentioned before, medical marijuana is one such particular naturally available drug that is magically designed as a cure for a number of physical ailments – age-related issues in particular. Which is why, it is highly recommended to the elderly – both for symptomatic relief and addressing the root cause of the ailment too.

It is effective in dealing with joint pains, nerve pains, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and most importantly, from insomnia. If done right, using medical marijuana for senior citizens has the ability to replace their major medical prescriptions entirely.

There are many kinds of ointments made from medical marijuana which can help in the reduction of arthritis and neuropathy pain.Many times, it so happens that an individual feels high on taking it, which may get in the way of daily activities and disruptmedical marijuana benefits. In this case, an ointment is the best option as it has a good fragrance and the same benefits, which makes the whole day comfortable. It can be advised in a number of ways:


Smoking is the cheapest way to consume marijuana and avail medical marijuana benefits. It just requires a handheld device or a kind of water bong or a joint made by rolling papers. It seems to extract the medicinal benefits.



It can be added to prepared food, juices, or any kind of cookies and other stuff. It takes a long time to show its effect when it is consumed. This is the best and the easiest way to take in medical marijuana for senior citizens.


It is somewhat similar to smoking. The difference is that it is put in a vaporizer. It is expensive compared to smoking.

Which aging disorder can medical marijuana treat in the elderly?

General pain:


We are aware of the pain that our elders go through in their old age. They have continuous or recurrent pain in their body parts – whether it is legs or joints. And an interesting feature of using medical marijuana for senior citizens is that it can be applied as an ointment or smoked or taken orally.


Cancer is a severe disease and during this stage, a cancer patient must have the energy for chemotherapies. It is proved that smoking marijuana during chemotherapies helps in dealing with nausea and vomiting.

Stress disorders:

Stress disorders

CBD present in marijuana can help in treating many stress and anxiety related disorders. Obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic attacks,and general depression are only a few out of plenty others.


Glaucoma refers to a situation where the eye nerves are damaged due to some kind of fluids, and it may lead to blindness due to severe progression. Even in the case of glaucoma, medical marijuana for senior citizenshas proved to be effective.

Summing it up:

Marijuana is been banned and named as ‘class A’ drug, but there are ways to get it legally in some states. What you should know about medical marijuana for seniors is that one can consume it after consulting a medical practitioner only and not just to get high by becoming a drug addict. This drug has gained significance in the whole of USA and is soon on its way too making a mark on the medical practice of the entire world.

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