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These depression myths vs. facts will blow your mind


Depression can be one of the symptoms of many fatal, debilitating diseases, and hence never to be ignored! However, many depression myths vs. facts are currently persistent across the globe. For that matter, adverse effects of depression have been acknowledged through an increased number of suicide cases. In this regard, it is important to focus on this predominant root cause.

However, in order to find out the root cause of the issue, it is important to debunk myths and facts about depression and identify ways to tackle the issue. Experts in this regard have tried to decipher primary depression myths and misconception for helping those who are in need.

Warning Signs of Depression

insomniaSome of the commonly reported warning signs of depression are noted herewith:

  • Feelings of hopelessness and nervousness
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Trembling sensation or unusual muscular twitching
  • Unusual episodes of sweating
  • Frequent fatigue and insomnia
  • Irritability

Some of the myths and facts about depression are noted herewith to help you or your loved one to deal with one of the growing public issues.

Myth 1#Depression is more common in lazy people

lazy womanWhen experts tried to figure out more about depression myths vs facts, it has been identified that the statement that depression is more common in lazy people is one of the most acknowledged myths about depression. It is so far being believed that hard workers don’t have enough time to be depressed.

Fact: – Recently, a study confirmed that people who are overworked or stressed can be more susceptible to depression than lazy people. For them, life has never been an enjoyment, but an object that needs to be treated as responsibility or burden. Medical experts have defined depression to be a complex neurological condition and ithas nothing to do with working hard or laziness.

Myth 2# Depression is strongly related to being sad

imperfectionPeople who are sad or unhappy towards their life are often being referred to as depressed. However, it is one of the commonly understood myths about depression and anxiety.

Fact: – However, medical science has a different perception. When a brain scan of a depressed person is analyzed in order to evaluate certain depression myths vs. facts, it has been apparent that brain chemicals crucial for signal transduction undertake abnormal path in a depressed person.However, the scenario is confirmed to be different in the sad individual. This has proven that direct correlation of depression with sadness would be a wrong interpretation.

Myth 3# Your loved ones have the key for depression

It is understood that people can be out of depression if they tend to spend more time with their family, friends, or loved ones. All over the globe, experts have tried to decode various depression myths vs facts and have confirmed that being with your family or loved ones can help you deviate your attention towards a more constructive life! However, being with your family cannot serve as the effective treatment against depression.

Fact: – Studies have confirmed that emotional turbulence can fade away over the period of time due to family intervention. However, depression is commonly associated with a number of biological, genetic, as well as environmental factors. Thus, the fact is that intervention by your loved ones can help in offering mental strength and fitness, but it cannot help in altering depression.

Myth 4# Women are more susceptible to depression as compared to men

depressionWomen are more prone to depression due to hormonal imbalance can be placed at the top of the list of depression myths vs. facts. Generally, people have formulatedthat women are more emotional as compared to their male counterparts; and hence can be in a state of depression easily.

Fact: – While nature has blessed women to be emotionally sensitive and delicate individuals,it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are more susceptible to depression. Similarly, experts have proposed that men always tend to hide their expression; and hence, they seem to be completely normal even in case of depression or emotional turbulence. However, scientistssuggest that women are blessed with patience and more emotional strength and can withstand adverse conditions.

Myth 5# Depression is reason bound!

breakupIn general, it is believed that depression is age and reason bound and can be commonly apparent due to any of the specific reasons, such as a breakup, financial loss, etc. However, experts are considering it to be a myth.

Fact: – Scientists have proven so far through various studies that depression can be spontaneous, it can as well occur when you are happy or sad. In fact, many studies have confirmed that when a person is in a state of a lot of happiness, he can surprisingly go into a depression, without any prominent background.

Myth 6# Depression is a hereditary disorder

hereditary disorderVarious clinical studies are underway to confirm depression myths vs. facts and have proposed that depression cannot be a hereditary disorder. Although, it has also been declared that there is a little chance of children being susceptible to depression if any of the parents are suffering with it; it has also been suggested widely that this genetic predisposition may be by chance.

Fact: – The depression is largely associated with environmental factors and has nothing to do with the hereditarymakeup of an individual.

Myth 7# Depressed people are mentally challenged

Manisha KoiralaImage Source : ste.india.com

While screening the historical evidence, it can be prominently observed that some of the well-known geniuses such as Abraham Lincoln, Sylvia Plath, etc. were suffering from depression for no obvious reasons. In the modern world, some of the famous personalities such as Deepika Padukone and Manisha Koirala are ultimate examples, challenging depression myths vs facts.

Fact: – Statistics has suggested that people who are more famous and successful in their lives tend to suffer from mental disorders such as depression.

Myth 8# Depression can be cured with anti-depressants

anti-depressantsConventionally, it is being thought that medications, such as steroids and anti-depressants, are the only cure for depression. But a lot of research findings have confirmed that steroids or anti-depressant work as a band-aid over the wound and cannot alter the root cause of concern. Studies have confirmed that these drugs makes the patients feel drowsy by altering their mental state.

Fact: – So far, the exact factor responsible for triggering episodes of depression has not been pointed out, and so is the case with the effective cure for the same. However, science is progressing at a faster rate, and many treatment modalities have been investigated to treat episodes of depression.

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