The Perfect Guide to Easing Menstrual Cramps At Home

Menstrual cramps are not at the top of the list of concern for a lot of women. But for plenty others, it poses a serious issue. From back and waist aches to falling ill with a temperature are all some of the most painful effects of menstrual cramps. And these need to be tackled at the earliest in order to avoid further complications. The process of easing menstrual cramps may not be such a simple one, but the methods mentioned below for taking care during menses can be of great help if put to use well and regularly.

Easing menstrual cramps with home remedies:


The safest and the most recommended way of all remedies to relieve period cramps, especially during your heavy flow days,is to take as much rest as you can. Apart from the mandatory work that you needto get done on a daily basis, take enough rest so that your body gets the opportunity to recover from your menses. This is important only if your period days are full of pain and discomfort, especially the first three ones.

Get in more fluids:

Get in more fluids

If ever you find yourself asking what to do for menstrual pain, this is mostly the answer. Fluids can compensate for the absence of any diet as long as they are done right. Make sure you take in plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated during your monthly cramps. In addition to that, other fluids like fresh fruit juices also help.

A good amount of fluid intake plays a huge role in easing menstrual cramps.It ensures that no hindrance is caused during the regular blood flow. Also, one may even lose their appetite in this situation. Any blockage or obstruction in the uterus is sure to get eased if only you care to take in the right amount of nutrition, especially in liquid form.

Heat treatment:

Heat treatment

Be it an electric bag or a hot water bag, subjecting your abdomen to the heat treatment always works. If not that, you can even soak in a tub of hot water or take a good long hot shower. Any kind of heat treatment will open up and relax your muscles so that your blood flow is not obstructed in any way, which is mostly the root cause of period cramps.

You can even think of other alternatives like wearing a warm coat in winters. Using heating pads will also help to a considerably great extent. Taking care during menses in the heat treatment way is definitely bound to help any female of any age with any period problems.

Mild exercise:

Mild exercise

True that you may not be in a position to get up and do lifts, push-ups, and crunches, but you sure can walk around or jog, or whatever your personal health condition permits. Mild exercises like cycling or stretching are good for your body and are a good alternative for easing menstrual cramps. They are highly recommended for females who undergo such issues every time their menses set in.

Subjecting your body to these exercises will ease the pain and discomfort of your muscles so much so that your aches will vanish in no time. Also, if you wish to keepthis comfort level up, exercise every day. Don’t wait for your menses to arrive to wonderwhat to do for menstrual pain. Start exercisingregularly on a daily basis. When your body becomes habitual to frequent workouts, you will see your period crampsgetting better and better with every passing month.

Herbal tea:

Herbal teaGreen tea, herbal tea, chamomile tea all contain pain relieving properties for easing menstrual cramps. Get yourself a cup of one of these types of tea made in order to suppress your abdomen pain and ease your discomfort. Just remember to not include milk in any tea that you prepare.

As mentioned before, it is important to include plenty of fluids in your diet during this time, and tea also doubles up as one of the most important fluids in this regard. A good blend of the required nutrition from fluids like tea in place of your lost appetite is all you need to get yourself a soothing effect from such monthly cramps.

Over-the-counter treatment:

pain relievers

Ibuprofen, aspirin, and other pain relievers work extremely well even with period cramps. If nothing else works out, you can consider taking these medicines. But remember to not make it a habit. Allow yourself a little while to heal before you consider taking these painkillers for easing menstrual cramps.

Treat these medications as the last resort unless you want your body to just refuse to function without them during your menses. If it is very important for you to remain in shape and look presentable for a professional setting and you cannot afford to miss a day of work, you can pop in one of these pills, and you will be good to go!



If the problem of facing pain and uneasiness during your regular monthly cycle is a persisting one and does not go away no matter what you do, perhaps you need to try a different approach. Acupuncture is known worldwide is a good method to bring about ease for any kind of muscular pain. As far as your period cramps are concerned, acupuncture will suffice in easing menstrual cramps too. Just make sure you get it done from a reputed place from a professional so that no other complications arise, and your problem is sorted once and for all in the long run.


Period cramps are quite normal for a usual healthy adult female. Some discomfort during the heavy flow days is expected. But if your problem persistseven after these home remedies, it is high time that you consult a doctor.

Sometimes, health issues are beyond the reach of home remedies to relieve period cramps and can only be addressed with proper medications. Make sure you understand your menstrual cycle well and take the proper respective measures for easing menstrual crampsand to get them fixed at the earliest.

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