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The importance of the safety and security system in a hospital

So far the list of the various safety and security steps that the hospital authorities must take is pretty clear. But, the idea of why these steps are necessary requires further explanation. A broad understanding of the importance of such security features is important for better adherence to them.

At primary levels patients must know that quality healthcare always comes with proper security and safety measures. Thus, if any given healthcare facility lacks the necessary safety and security features then it directly relates to the emphasis the hospital places on implementing standardized quality measures. Any hospital irrespective of its geographical location should have patient safety at the top of their priority list. Hospitals should have proper error reduction systems and should ensure that they are close to a hundred percent performance.

According to the Institute of Medicine, approximately 98,000 deaths have been caused due to medical error in USA which could have been prevented through safety and security protocols. It is therefore crucial that patients understand the seriousness of patient safety and refuse to enter facilities that do not take this matter very seriously.

There is no single person or system that can help to reduce mortality rate caused by medical negligence. A comprehensive approach on the part of each and every person concerned with the entire medical process is required for the complete assurance of a successful treatment. Some experts are correct to point out that strict international protocols must be constructed and authorities should ensure stringent adherence to such protocols. This will help both foreign and local patients.

The entire healthcare system must be designed in accordance with patient safety in mind. It is only then that patients and doctors will experience a positive healthcare environment.

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