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Security tips that patients must take a note of


As described earlier patient safety is a crucial issue and every healthcare professional hired by the medical facility should assume responsibility for keeping up with a high standard of patient care.  Through awareness and education, patients should also be responsible for their own safety. There are a number of ways in which you can contribute towards maintaining a proper healthcare system. This will not only benefit the hospital authorities but is beneficial to you directly, as well.

    •    Responsibility for personal items: It is unlikely you will need many valuable personal items during your stay at the hospital. Thus, it is advisable that you must either avoid carrying such items during hospitalization or entrust them with a family member for safekeeping.

    •    Patients must cooperate with the doctors and the nurses. You are the best person to judge whether you are fit enough to walk alone or will require assistance. If you are not yet ready to walk alone, you need to inform the hospital authorities in advance. The doctors will expect to see you in your hospital room, so it is your responsibility to stay there especially during the time when there is a probability of a doctor’s visit.

    •    Roaming around the hospital during night might be dangerous because often patients are under medication that can cause drowsiness. Such activity may cause accidents and hamper your sleep, crucial to your recovery. 


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