The healthy diet practice for people with Down’s Syndrome

A gene issue in the child causes the Down syndrome, there are 47 chromosomes in the affected child. A normal child has 46 chromosomes. Since the disease is lifelong, the affected person needs care and attention throughout the life. A healthy life style and healthy eating can help them in leading a good life.

Associated health issues

  • Lower base metabolic rate

Calories are burnt even when an individual rests. In case of the people suffering from the Down syndrome less number of calories are burnt when the person rests as compared to the normal people.

  • Hypotonia

Children with the Down syndrome are subjected to limited physical activity because of Hypotonia. Hypotonia is a condition where the muscle tone is low in an individual. There is difficulty in physical activity because of the less tension in the muscles. This can also cause a delay in the developmental stages of the child. Obesity is another issue that can spring up as a result of the limited physical activity.

  • Thyroid disorders

Hypothyroidism or a condition where there is less production of the thyroid hormone by the thyroid gland. Down’s syndrome can cause thyroid disorders in children as well as adults. The children affected with hypothyroidism gain weight rapidly.

  • Less height

It has been seen that the children with the Down syndrome are shorter as compared to the children of their age who are normal. Experts are of the opinion that the children with the Down syndrome gain weight even when there is a slight increase in their calorie intake.

  • Celiac disease

Studies have showed that the celiac disease is more common in children with the Down syndrome in relation to the normal kids of the same age. In celiac disease, the lining of the small intestine is damaged due to the protein found in wheat and barley, known as gluten.

Inculcating a healthy eating habit

The children suffering from the Down syndrome should be given nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, milk, milk products, lean meat, tofu, peanut butter, cereals and pastas to name a few. By offering a variety of healthy foods to the children, a healthy eating habit will develop in them. You can also give the children a multivitamin everyday to keep them healthy. A gluten free diet will help in preventing the celiac disease in children. Exercising will help in maintaining a healthy routine.

With love, attention, nutritious food and exercising the people suffering from the Down syndrome can life happily and overcome their inabilities.

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