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Targets and priorities that are giving direction to global healthcare

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Despite the huge advancement of medical technology and a plethora of available treatments, chinks in healthcare business are growing larger by the minute. Every year the priorities and targets of the global healthcare industry are revised for preventing new chinks from appearing and reducing the size of existing ones.

However, the priorities of different healthcare organizations vary in magnitude and nature. But ultimately all their endeavors are directed mainly towards providing superior services, gaining global recognition and reducing the treatment costs for attracting international patients.

According to a recent report published by CDW healthcare, around two third of the healthcare providers and decision makers have revealed that analytics is now one of the top priorities of their organization. It is the competing priorities and differing interests which create a tug of war of sorts between the different healthcare organizations, insurers and governments.

The demands are changing and so are the priorities

One of the toughest challenges for the healthcare providers is tackling the increasing prices of healthcare treatments. Governments are taking several initiatives for making it easier for the public to access healthcare facilities and at the same time newer treatments are becoming increasingly available for the masses. However, controlling the rising prices of healthcare services has created pressure on both healthcare providers and the government.

The buying power of middle class section of the society has increased manifolds. As the natural consequence the demand for quality and advanced treatments is on the rise as well. The increase of wealth is changing lifestyle habits leading to chronic diseases.

Aging populace and chronic health disorders are forcing individuals to compromise with health related decision according to benefit levels. In such tumultuous circumstances the healthcare industry is being driven by four main factors which are cost, technical innovation and transformation, strong desire to adapt to the market forces and regulations.

Cost is now a matter of concern

Cost is the biggest challenge that the healthcare industry is facing this year. The healthcare providers are feeling the heat and pressure of containing the rising and almost uncontrollable costs from all angles.

In several countries political turmoil, economical crisis and stern policies have cornered public healthcare fund, putting the populace in greater financial distress. The stability of public healthcare systems is under question due to this. The high cost of targeted therapies, surgical procedures, personalized medicines and medical devices are also reason of distress for the healthcare providers.

The public is also suffering due to the price hike of medical commodities. In the first world countries getting treatments have become more difficult for the commoners. The middle class have to struggle hard and risk the future of kids for securing money for costly treatments. As a result many are opting for medical tourism and helping the boom of this new branch of medical industry.

Adaptation to the market currents is a necessity

Healthcare systems have recently become more dependent on the government policies, regulation and the allotted funds. The health care providers must take into account the government’s role and contribution as market trends transformers. Focus is also being laid on improving patient access to healthcare.

Outdated facilities and untrained staff pose a major threat to the public health in both developed and developing nations. Patients and doctor relationship has changed as the patients are now consumers who want to get medical services worth the money they are paying. This has also shifted the way patients are treated at hospitals or clinics. Healthcare providers are eager to please them.

In 2015 the healthcare industry trends have shifted and new priorities have emerged. Importance is being given to controlling the rising prices of healthcare services.]]>

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