Taking post-operative care

<![CDATA[Just like there is a set of instructions to be followed before the surgery, there is another important list of instructions that you have to follow after the surgery. The patients usually remain in the recovery room for a while and then may be shifted to their ward. Medical staff is present to provide medical care, but the patients and their attendants also need to be alert about the process.

Most of the care required during the hospital stay is taken by the medical staff. You major role starts after getting discharged from the hospital. Your doctor or the surgeon will give you instructions regarding post operative care and other requirements. You can take the help of the medical staff and understand all the instructions clearly and if required write in your own words.

Post-operative instructions

1. Dietary instruction

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Special care has to be taken regarding dietary instructions. Immediately after surgery, you may not be allowed to have anything. Based on the guidelines, you need to introduce water, juice, semisolid food, etc as per the specified timings. You can check with the medical team while you are in the hospital. Once discharged, follow a diet plan that has been advised by your doctor or dietician.

2. Medications

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Medicines will be prescribed during this period also. Take a note of it and follow the instructions properly. You may be given antibiotics to prevent infections, nutritional supplements for recovery, etc. Make sure to complete the course.

3. Special care


Surgeries generally demand special attention and care of the operated part. Follow your doctor’s advice regarding dressing of the wound, applying ointment, etc. Pay special attention to cleaning the operated part and bathing instructions.

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