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Following post operative rehabilitation

Many surgical procedures are small and do not require much attention after the surgery. However, some surgeries are major ones and need a longer period for complete recovery. It is possible that during this recovery period, along with medical treatment there are certain measures that need to be undertaken. These are rehabilitation therapies performed by paramedical team.

Your doctor may prescribe some rehabilitation therapies after your surgery. You may have to follow them for a long time, but they are very important. Most of the times, they are required to regain the normal functioning of the operated part. For example, after a joint replacement surgery, you cannot resume work immediately. Only replacement work is done during surgery, while the regular movement and functioning work will be done by physical therapy. The paramedical staff, also known as therapists work in co-ordination with your doctor.

Rehabilitation therapies

There are various rehabilitation techniques that need to be followed depending on the surgery performed. Some of the commonest ones are:

1. Physical therapy

It is also known as physiotherapy and is usually required after bone and joint surgery, during post natal care, etc. For example, after surgeries for sports injuries, joint replacement, slip disc, etc. They work on movement, balance and co-ordination activities of the operated and related parts. They use equipments, exercise regimen and physical agents like light, heat, etc.

2. Speech therapy

Speech therapy deals with regaining the normal speech functioning, which may have been affected due to various reasons. Surgeries involving mouth, throat, sound box, etc may require speech therapy to regulate the speech function. In children, with congenital disorders like cleft lip or palate, surgery is performed to repair the defect and speech therapy needs to be continued till speech is normalized.

3. Occupational therapy

This deals with various aspects of normal functioning required for day to day life. They aim at making patients resume their regular activities or occupation as smoothly as possible.

4. Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is counseling and behavior analysis from a psychotherapist. This may be required in cases that are directly related to brain and mind functioning. They may also be required in other general surgery cases, where the patients need to be supported emotionally.

All these therapies generally require various sessions. The treatment part is planned according to the condition of the patients, the improvement that they show and their active participation. Apart from what the therapists do during the session, they also prescribe certain activities to be performed at home. It is important that patients follow them regularly. It is also essential to complete the entire prescribed course of therapy to yield maximum benefits.

They too follow the treatment prescribed by the doctor, while the doctor relies on the evaluation and treatment given by the therapist. Thus, both the teams work hand in hand to provide you the best medical care. It is important that you follow the entire course of such rehabilitation therapies as advised to you.

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