Following pre-operative instructions

<![CDATA[Surgery is often a difficult task for the patient. The most important thing is preparing your mind for the surgical treatment. Once you have a strong will and complete faith in your surgeon, there are greater chances of a successful surgery. There are many arrangements that the medical team does for the surgery. At the same time, there are many preparations that the patients need to do for their surgical treatment.

These preparations that are advised to the patient to be followed before the surgery are call pre-operative instructions. These are based on your medical condition, the surgery that is to be performed, your age and similar other factors.

Pre-operative instructions

Some of the common pre-operative instructions advised before a surgery are:

1. Medical investigations


For almost all surgical procedures, medical investigations are advised.

· These are mainly for the surgeon to understand the details of the part that needs to be operated. These could be X-Rays, MRIs, or other scans.

· Other investigations may include blood tests to know hemoglobin, blood sugar levels, etc.

· There could be specialized tests to find out certain information that the medical team requires.

· Tests also include those, like chest X-rays for decisions regarding the anesthetic work.

2. Rest

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Doctors may prescribe rest, some exercises or some rehabilitation therapies. All these have to be followed religiously. In certain cases, you may be asked to avoid outings or going to crowded places to avoid the risk of infection. It is advisable that you follow each and every instruction carefully.

3. Medications

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Some medicines are given as a treatment, while certain medications are prescribed as a special requirement just few days or just one night prior to the surgery. You need to understand these instructions and follow them completely.

4. Dietary instructions

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Dietary advice includes instructions regarding your dietary intake. You may be asked to follow a particular diet for some days like low fat diet or bland diet, depending on your condition. Also special note is made regarding the diet on the day before your surgery. You may be asked to take your meals and medicines and then remain in fasting for a specific number of hours.

5. Hospital admission

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Depending on your case, you may be asked to get admitted in the hospital on a particular date and time. Sometimes patients are admitted one or two days before, while sometimes patients have to come just one hour before the surgery. Make sure you learn your instructions carefully and follow accordingly.

6. Medical reports

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You will be asked to carry all your medical reports and other medical information. Surgery is a job of a medical team and all the medical personnel would be seeing you for the first time. Hence, they need to see your reports ad evaluate your case before operating.

All these instruction are very important. This is a protocol and it is developed is to make sure your surgery goes well and there are less chances of having undesirable effects.]]>

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