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The authorities clamp down on misleading marketing The marketing of health and pharmaceutical products and services is big business – in fact, the biggest. Pharmaceutical organisations have dominated the annual Fortune 500 survey of most […]

The UAE Ministry of Health Tackles Health Care Advertisements

The Dubai Health Authority was reformed from the Department for Health and Medical Services in order to raise standards in the emirate’s healthcare services   Dubai Health Authority (DHA) reformed from the Department of Health

Dubai Health Authority has High Standards in its Sights

A Dubai-based doctor urges slimmers to go easy, after treating numerous patients with joint damage With the UAE featuring high on the list of countries with overweight individuals, it is a fair bet that many

Doctor Warns about Excessive Exercise Programs

Writes with distinguished expertise in healthcare, wellness, fitness and nutrition are invited to submitt exclusive articles with quality writing and educational information for a premium health, lifestyle and wellness magazine.   Writes with distinguished expertise

Call for Article and Regular contributor for a premium health, lifestyle and wellness magazine

Wellness is the loving acceptance of yourself. Wellness is a choice—a decision you make to move toward optimal health. Wellness is a way of life—a lifestyle you design to achieve your highest potential for wellbeing.

Wellness is a way of life

Are you in for natural medicines? Aromatherapy can be of great help in dealing with common health issues like cold or a blocked nose. There are some simple ways in which minor ailments can be

Using aromatherapy for common cold

State-of-the-Art Strategies & Ongoing Advances, Nasser Al Budoor updates us on the latest developments in UAE healthcare The UAE Ministry of Health (MoH) has commenced an important new phase in its ongoing process of developing

The UAE Ministry of Health

US Healthcare Reform might bring hope (if not solutions) for millions of Americas, but global healthcare challenges are far bigger than a reform can solve. Challenges are increasing dynamically and no obvious solution is in

Global Healthcare Challenges

Sustainability is a robust concept that has proven its worth across a range of different industries including energy, agriculture, forestry, chemicals, construction and many others. Talking about the healthcare industry, there are evidences that the

Sustainability in healthcare: A step towards green revolution
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