Using aromatherapy for common cold

Are you in for natural medicines? Aromatherapy can be of great help in dealing with common health issues like cold or a blocked nose. There are some simple ways in which minor ailments can be dealt with by aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy uses essential oils that can be effectively used in treating ailments. They can be very useful in treating minor health issues like common cold and cough, blocked or stuffed nose and similar other minor respiratory ailments.


Which oils can be used?

The most time tested and age old remedy for cough and cold has been the eucalyptus oil. Other commonly used oil is the peppermint oil. It is often used in nasal decongestants and cough drops. These oils have a strong refreshing aroma and help you to get relieved of your nasal blockages. They may also help you in reducing other symptoms associated with your cold and cough, like headache, sinus pain, or other discomfort.


There are other oils like lavender oil, rosemary, pine, cedar wood, etc that can be helpful in relieving the nasal congestion and cough. It is important that you obtain these oils from a trustworthy source. It is advisable to consult an expert regarding the specific use of oils for particular conditions.


How to use oils?

The essential oils need to soothe your senses. When you want to clear your nose and the respiratory passage, inhalation is the best method. You can use the essential oils in inhalation, vaporizer or a warm bath. The oils can be used by adding oil drops to boiling water and use it for steam inhalation. Alternatively you can add few oil drops to your warm bath water and enjoy the refreshing aroma while bathing.


There are certain specifications regarding the use of different oils and it is necessary that you follow those instructions. They may be mentioned on the oil containers, or as a instruction leaflet or you can use as advised by your health expert.

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