Style tips for getting rid of oily skin

Oil glands in our skin demand utmost care, or else, deal with either dry skin or an oily skin. Having dry or oily skin both are problematic issues but the oily skin seems to cause much more trouble than a dry skin. This is because oily skin works like a magnet to attract pollution and dirt to skin, which degrades skin quality and leads to acne breakouts, greasy lines on face, black spots, and blackheads. Worry not, as in this article, you will get all that will help you deal with the oil glands in your skin well, thus, eliminating all chances of having an oily skin.

Easy yet effective DIY routines that control excess oil secretion


One of the most effective step, you can take towards getting rid of oily skin is to cleanse your face about twice or thrice a day. Cleansing takes away all the dirt and pollutants away from your skin that clog pores and result in acne breakouts. Look for cleansing products that are oil free and contain some of these ingredients – Neem, Tea tree oil, Honey, Turmeric, or Salicylic Acid.


Scrubbing skin means exfoliating it, and exfoliation is of extreme help when dealing with oily skin. You can make DIY face scrubs using oats, almonds, honey, limejuice, eggs, sea salt, cucumber and strawberries. Choose from these ingredients and give your skin a gentle scrub every other day.


Toning oily skin is yet another extremely effective method to deal with oily skin. Ensure you tone it every day but not with usual skin toners that contain alcohol but the one that are alcohol-free. Rose water seems to be the best skin toner you can use to tone your skin.

Essentials to have if you have oily skin

To have an oily skin certainly create skin problems but it also has a few skin benefits, such as people with oily skin show lesser signs of aging provided they take proper care of their skin and own the oily skin essentials. Here are some of the oily skin essentials you must own if you desire to earn some benefit out of your oily skin:

Blotting Linens

Blotting linens are the soul saviors for people with oily skin. They help people do touchups throughout the day, soaking extra oil on their skin and preventing attach of pollutants.

Face Fabric

Face Fabric is one beauty product that people with oily skin must use. It helps conceal the big pores on skin and is light on skin.

Multi-Active Toner

As mentioned earlier in this article, as well that skin toning is of paramount importance for oily skin, so get the best skin toner available on the market to soothe your oily skin. They moisturize skin; take away all the extra grease, thus, leaving your skin all glowing.


People with oily skin have to be extra cautious while the plan to spend their entire day out in the sun. Use a high quality 12-hour primer that blends beautifully and gives great results to an oily skin.

Eye shadow base

Having an oily skin is a big barrier that thwarts application of a perfect makeup on skin. For instance, you cannot apply eye shadow onto oily eyelids but if you apply a perfect eye shadow base especially designed for oily skin, you would not face any difficulty applying it and then pulling it off well.

Oily skin is undoubtedly a problematic scenario but it can turn into a blessing in disguise if people take proper care of their oily skin.

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