Study on the different ways on how science can stimulate your brain

Imagine if you show brain stimulation by learning science only by reading and solving problems. The study has shown that physics can activate the brain, helps in enhancing, a proper, and better functioning.  Yes, it is true that study of how science can stimulate your brain is actually very interesting to know and read. Latest study has shown that it is possible to do brain stimulation by learning science.  This study also helps a person to understand the different ways of using the brain to its full capacity.  

The question is how science can stimulate your brain?

question is how science can stimulate your brainA Research conducted at the Drexel University shows that learning physics could activate the brain. Some areas of the brain remain normally dormant. These areas become active when people are learning science or more specifically face solving problems. The brain in this situation starts working more efficiently and more effectively, that helps the brain to function better than the usual.

Brain stimulation through science, as learned by the researchers

Eric Brewe; a PhD scholar and an associate professor at the Drexel University led the team of researchers. He is a part of the college of Arts and Science in this very university. The team said that their research is a study on how physics activates part of the brain linked to episodic memory. The results of this study answered the question of how science can stimulate your brain.

As the research says it

blood flow in the brainAs per the reports, they have used FMRI (functional magnetic resonance imagining), a process that helps to measure the blood flow in the brain. They used this technology to compare the blood flow in the brain and after taking the test of physics. And, the results were in their favour. Eric Brewe has said that neurobiological process of learning more complex and is not directly connected to our perception of learning.

The steps that were undertaken for the procedure

A total number of 50 students took part in the research in which they volunteered to be taught a physics course that mainly used “Modelling Instruction”. It is basically a technique in teaching which asks the students to be an active participant in the learning process. The test was held to judge the method and the way which science can stimulate your brain.

They underwent a shortened version of the Force concept inventory, which is basically a test that judges one’s knowledge in basic concepts of physics. The process and the test that are conducted on the children were did not contain any kind of methods that would harm the simple and psychological well being of the students.

Conformation about the result after the test was completed under right procedure

brain’s dorsal lateral prefrontal cortex After completing this test, they again had to undergo the FMRI test to calculate and conclude to results. The researchers had to be sure before presenting the final report on this very important test protocol. The scans before the test showed that the part of brain that is associated with problem solving showed activity. Which means the more you solve it shows a more active process.

The lead of the research team said that the brain’s dorsal lateral prefrontal cortex is one of the important keys of it, which mainly helps in generating material stimulation. This statement proves that physics is not how we think it is like a subject rather it is more of an imaginative process than we have thought.

A brief analysis was made before giving out the main results

After the volunteers had finished their classes, comparative analysis of the pre and post learning scans that revealed better activity in the parts of brain. This was expected as that part is associated with learning. But another part of the brain also becomes active which is associated with the episodic memory and self-referential thought.

Brewe said that the changes that are brought in the brain could have been a part of the complex changes in the behaviour in the context of how the students solve the physics questions. Through this, it can help in shifts of the strategy and gives an increased access to the world of physics. It also helps to enhance and understand the various techniques of solving problems.

Primary objective that was used

classroomOne of the primary objectives of this research was to further explore how different forms of teaching are used to push students to use their brain and its ability to understand fresh concepts. In order to make their mind to work more sharply than it was before by making them learn tricky concepts.

Eric Brewe said that the people who research learning methods are more fascinated with the idea of the mental models without any specific evidence about the on goings inside of the brain. Nevertheless, the question arises that why only physics and no other subjects show this kind of response.

The research team says that there have been studies with maths as the subject but the brain seems to show more responses in physics. It is because the subject provides you the mixture of both brainwork and as well as logic that helps to stimulate a child’s brain quite easily.

The analysis on the end result

They further added that as problems in physics are somewhat more related to real world. It opens up the brain and its learning ability. Moreover, following strict laws in the subject also led to the result the study showed.

The excitement of Dr Brewe showed on his statement when he said that he is quite excited about the results of the study done by his team, which can be used as a weapon in order to increase learning of physics in the system. As per his thoughts, adding some new techniques and methods into science can stimulate your brain using the help of physics.

The conclusion:

You may ask why this? It is because if the better learning methods are applied at the elementary level then the children will turn out to be better students and contribute in the best possible way to the society. This would not have been possible if the traditional learning methods were still at use. So, in order to get the best out of the children and their regulating and circulating minds it is very important to make the use of the technique properly and finely. Hence, it is proved by the study on how physics activates parts of the brain linked to the episodic memory.

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