How pregnancy exercises benefits you and your baby

Research shows that exercises during pregnancy have many benefits. It can relieve pregnancy stress; prepare you for delivery and labor. Low intensive exercises are best during pregnancy as there it reduces the chances of any harm to you or your baby; it is advisable to do the exercises that you are comfortable in doing. But before doing any kind of exercise, you have to consult your doctor, who will advise you about the exercises which are safe for you. One of the safest exercises during pregnancy is of course, walking. Read on to find about some pregnancy exercises benefits and how to make your pregnancy safe:

Amazing pregnancy exercises benefits for you and your baby

Pregnant women exercisingIt’s hard to think of exercising when you’re growing bigger and heavier every day. But exercising during pregnancy has immediate benefits for you and baby, so consult your gynec and start moving:

Get relief from an aching back

Most pregnant women suffer from back pain. Yoga, water workouts, swimming and other pregnancy exercises benefits you immensely. Pregnancy exercises at home will save you from the dreaded back pain during pregnancy.

Gestational diabetes risk reduces

According to studies, the risk of gestational diabetes reduces by as much as 27%. If your blood sugar becomes high during pregnancy, you have the chance to develop Type 2 diabetes a few years after your baby is born.  High levels of blood sugar during pregnancy (due to diet, inactivity, or genetic reasons) may lead to delivering an overweight baby. Fitness during pregnancy will help to reduce blood sugar and keep your sugar levels under control.

You might have less weight gain

Weight gain during pregnancy is normal, but some women gain a lot of weight which is hard to get rid of later. If you’re wondering which month to start exercise during pregnancy, you should seek the advice of your doctor. You will still gain some weight but it will be within healthy limits.

You will stay happy and positive

You will stay happy and positiveOne of the pregnancy exercises benefits is that the adrenalin released during exercise will make you feel happier and positive. There are many hormonal changes during pregnancy which makes your emotions go on a roller coaster. Doing safe exercises will help in practicing fitness during pregnancy, both physical and mental. Plus a happy would-be mom leads to happy babies, as proven by science.

Avoid a C- section or forcep delivery

Women who exercise daily are much more likely to deliver babies naturally, according to studies. Pregnant women who are fit are 75% less likely to require forcep delivery, 55% less likely to require episiotomy. The chances of having a C-section become four times less too, according to research.

Delivery and labor might be easier

Delivery and labor might be easierDoing pregnancy exercises at home like exercising with dumb bells, helps during the time of labor. Strong abs as well as a strong heart resulting from your exercises may give you more strength to push during labor. According to one study, women who regularly did water aerobics were much less likely, 58% in fact, to ask for pain medication while undergoing labor, than women who did not exercise.

Get your energy back

With everything that goes on during pregnancy, you may be feeling drained out. Go for a reviving walk just for ten minutes and feel the surge of energy within you.

You might be less constipated

You might be less constipatedAnother of the pregnancy exercises benefits is that exercise and high-fiber diet keeps the digestive system smooth, and you may suffer less constipation. This is one of the essential tips for a healthy pregnancy.

It would help you stay fit in your middle age

It seems incredible but the pregnancy exercises benefits stretch much beyond pregnancy. A study was conducted which studied women from the time of pregnancy to 20 years post-delivery. This study found that women who worked out when they were pregnant were fitter than those who did not.

You’ll feel more attractive

It’s easy to think which month to start exercise during pregnancy, but whenever you do, you’ll feel much better about yourself, and have a much better self-image. Exercise brings a healthy glow to the face and you’ll feel good that pregnancy has not stopped you from leading your fit lifestyle as before.

Labor time may be reduced

It known that labor is quite painful and the shorter it is, the better for you. One study discovered that women who had exercised regularly experience much less labor time, sometimes even two hours less.

You become an expert in relaxing

You become an expert in relaxingDoing pregnancy exercises benefits your emotional and mental well-being. Prenatal yoga, meditation, etc. are techniques which will help you be calm whenever you feel tense. This will be helpful at the time of labor too.

Enjoy the weightlessness feelings

You may be having painful feet and swollen ankles, and can feel every bit of your weight. Going swimming will help to get relief from the foot pain and make you feel weightless for some time!

You might be saved form morning sickness

nausea You may be avoiding your morning walks as you feel nauseous in the morning. Many would-be moms actually report feeling better after some physical activity in the morning. The exercise helps to keep their mind of nausea, and they seem to feel less queasy.

Your child will probably have a healthy heart

Your baby will most likely have a healthier heart due to you exercising regularly. The high cardio fitness levels might last into childhood years.

You will sleep better

You will sleep betterSleep might elude you at night. Women who exercised reported that they fall asleep faster and better than those who were not that active.

You might make new friends

You not only feel better in every way, but going to prenatal exercises may help you make new friends too. You can share your mommy experiences with them, and the similar experiences will definitely make you feel good that there is someone who understands exactly what you’re going through.

You’d have lower risk of preeclampsia

birth of the baby,Exercise reduces the risk of the premature birth of the baby, due to excess protein and high blood pressure.

There are many more benefits which you can gain if you exercise during pregnancy. Exercising reduces the chances of pre and post natal depression too. Even the food you eat during pregnancy plays a vital role when you exercise. Consult your doctor and start exercising to experience all the benefits.

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