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Ear piercings have long been in fashion. These have seen modifications with respect to placement, accessory, sizes and patterns over the years and continue to make a statement. But this evergreen trend has been strongly shaken every since Marie Claire drew heads at the runway at Louis Vuitton and Opening Ceremony.

The world was loudly introduced to ear-makeup. A whole new trend that is quickly catching on, and the best part is it is completely painless (unlike piercings).

Breaking the myth of ear piercings

Ear piercings

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Ear piercings have been in fashion and will probably never go out of fashion. It is no common for people to have at least three piercings in each ear. Uneven patterns and odd places are catching on as people are decorating them with dangling earpieces, ear jackets, and studs. If you are getting a new piercing, you must remember to check the gun and the new earring to be sterile.

Remember to talk to your piercer about any metal allergies that you might have and follow all the instructions very carefully. The trend is so commonplace that uniqueness has left the apartment. So if you are looking for something almost 100% less painful than a piercing, than the new trend of ear-makeup will interest you.

What is Ear Makeup?

inky lobes

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When Pat McGrath got inspired by designer Anthony Vaccarello’s 2014 Paris Fashion Week graphic inky lobes drawn by theblack liquid liner, 2016 Louis Vuitton runway saw a new silver statement in Ear makeup. The Opening Ceremony saw a full-on glitter ear that became a buzz. The trend was believed to stay restricted to runways but more recently it has stepped on the streets and is being sported by many fashion enthusiasts.

Makeup artist Violette has introduced two more ear makeup looks recently. The first was a small-gold-hoop with a golden colored cuff on the lobe. The second is more intergalactic where she traced the outlines of the insides and outsides of the ear using silver paint.

The basics of ear makeup

The When– At the Paris Fashion Week, 2014, Anthony Vaccarello introduced a new trend by breaking the makeup myths that revolved around conventional regions of the face and body. This was reflected in the models sporting black ear cuffs. The inked lobes had been painted using black liquid eyeliner by the makeup artist Tom Pecheux and then covered with iridescent black glitter. The idea behind this was that the designer wanted to create jewelry using makeup. The artist said that the glitter made it look chicer. This was followed by Louis Vuitton and the Opening Ceremony in 2016.

The why– our face gets all the attention there is to give. Why not let our ears bask in the same experience without the pain of a piercing? Ear-brushing is done from a long time by many make-up artists. Bronzing of the ears was done to bring out the contours more prominently especially if a person has short hair and no ear piercing to put jewelry.

The how– Ear makeup is catching the attention of fashionistas all across the globe. The internet is bursting with photographs and ideas for ear makeup using nothing more than paint/ eyeliners/ glitter and a little imagination.

Some DIY Ear makeup ideas

DIY Ear makeup ideas

You could go for the classic cuffing-the-lobe look or go for Violette’s cool-girl-beloved small gold hoops look as cited by Marie Claire. If you want a look that is bold enough to break firm-set makeup rules and appears galactic and otherworldly you can choose to cover the whole ear and not just the lobe with glitter. For a cleaner and chic look, you can outline just the lobes neatly with glitter, which is a subtle version and looks like you are wearing a wrap-around earring.

Normally beauty and makeup trends commonly focus more on the face. A new trend shifts the attention away from the face and towards the ear. Ear makeup is catching on and has all that is needed to become the next big thing.

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